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Google for Education
Google for Education

Encouraging students to be their best is your #1 priority.

Chromebooks take learning beyond the classroom walls. They boot up in seconds and keep going all day. They’re easy to use, robust and great value for money. With advanced security and administrative tools, they’re built with the same multi-layered security Google uses to defend their own operations.

With all of this, and the additional bonus of a year’s free subscription to LanSchool, it’s no wonder that over 40 million students worldwide use Lenovo Chromebooks.

Chromebooks for education

A suite of devices that empower learning anytime, anywhere. With the right tools, inspiration comes naturally – maybe it’s time you met the family.

Lenovo 100e Chromebook
Lenovo 100e Chromebook Gen 4

Small in size, huge in value

The Lenovo 100e Chromebook Gen 4 is the ultimate everyday learning tool. This hard-worker has all the power you need to run the Chrome OS™ operating system and trusted educational software such as Google Classroom and LanSchool. The 11.6” screen and HD front-facing camera keep pupils and teachers collaborating when they can’t be together. The Lenovo 100e Chromebook Gen4 is top-of-the-class when it comes to value for money.

Lenovo 300e Yoga Chromebook
Lenovo 300e Yoga Chromebook

Your flexible friend

Super-robust, but bendy too, the Lenovo 300e Yoga Chromebook Gen 4 has a 360-degree hinge so can act as a laptop, tablet, tent or stand. School work looks great on the 11.6” screen, and the HD camera brings online learning to life. The 10-hour battery will last you through the day, and the lightweight, thin design makes transportation between the classroom and home easier than ever before.

Lenovo 500e Yoga Chromebook
Lenovo 500e Yoga Chromebook

The pinnacle of versatility

Redesigned with a bigger and better 12.2" 16:10 Low Blue Light panel for impressive viewing, the Lenovo 500e Yoga Chromebook Gen 4 boosts individual productivity and facilitates collaboration in equal measure. Combining laptop and tablet functions with up to 128GB of storage and 8GB memory, this is an A+ choice for group work in the classroom. Lightweight with a thin design, this Chromebook is easy to carry on the move and will fit into almost any bag.

Lenovo 14e Chromebook
Lenovo 14e Chromebook Gen 3

A digital, versatile companion

Meet the Lenovo 14e Chromebook Gen 3 – a power-packed, versatile team-player. It involves Google Classroom and Google Workspace for Education, which integrate seamlessly with Lenovo’s LanSchool educational software. A 14-hour battery life* and HD camera help students and teachers interact effectively online, and the touchscreen offers the option to use a full-sized keyboard. The Lenovo 14e brings the promise of a digital education to life.

ThinkPad C14 Chromebook
ThinkPad C14 Chromebook

Makes quick thinking easy

The ThinkPad C14 Chromebook is ideal for fast-paced classroom environments. There’s no need for lengthy setting up – new devices can be used straight out of the box. Two Thunderbolt USB-C ports ensure quick and safe data transfer – so teachers and students can share info in seconds. The powerful Intel® Pentium Core i7 vPro® processors enables them to do research and collaborate efficiently without lag that interrupts lesson flows.

Lenovo Chromebooks with Chromebook Education Upgrade

Empower IT to create educational environments for teachers and students with zero-touch enrolment enabling set-up straight out of the box.

Lenovo 300e Yoga Chromebook

Chrome OS Upgrades

Locked and Kiosk Mode prevent cheating in tests, keeping data safe

Managed guest sessions allow shared devices in libraries and labs where login isn’t required

Set-up automatic re-enrolment for devices after they’re reset

24/7 IT Admin Support

24/7 support for Chrome OS features

24/7 support on management features

Call Google at any time if an issue comes up at no additional cost

Device Management

Google Admin Console provides hundreds of policies to deploy, manage, lock down, and secure devices.

Device tracking and analysis for fleet management and device reporting

Prevent unauthorised access and ensure devices are only used for schoolwork

Remotely disable or wipe stolen Chromebooks

Lenovo Chromebook Education Package for schools 

Everything you need to make learning personal

81% of teachers worry about keeping students engaged, according to research.1 But the right combination of devices and software can help students feel inspired to do their best. At Lenovo, we’ve teamed up with Google for Education to deliver the Lenovo Chromebook Education package— designed to help teachers encourage learning, wherever it happens.

Lenovo Chromebook Education Package for schools

Case study

Liceo STEAM International, Italy

“With Lenovo Chromebooks, students have access to all the tools and materials they need for learning at their fingertips.”

Elia Bombardelli, Mathematics Teacher.

Liceo STEAM’s partnership with Lenovo offers a valuable way for the school to stay on the leading edge as technology evolves. Alongside a fleet of Lenovo Chromebooks, the school uses LanSchool Air software to manage students’ technology use, monitor their progress and promote collaboration. Together, lessons are more engaging and the learning journey smoother for students.

Why Chromebook?

50 million students worldwide learn on a Chromebook because they’re rugged, affordable and boot-up in seconds. Powered by ChromeOS, these devices are hassle-free for teachers with built-in antivirus protection, a rich library of apps and automatic updates for low maintenance. 

What is Chromebook?
What is Chromebook?

Secure, easy to manage and affordable – the Lenovo Chromebook with Google Education Upgrade is built to support learners, educators, and IT teams to create effective learning environments. See how cost-effectiveness, fast upgrades, and 24/7 support can help schools reach their learning outcomes.

Easy to use
Easy to use

Lenovo Chromebook makes it easy for teachers to present lessons and share resources. Students can collaborate effortlessly on the intuitive, built-in apps. And IT teams can use Google Admin console and Google Education Upgrade to make managing multiple devices easier than ever before. See what Chromebook can do for your school.

Support learning anywhere
Learn anywhere

When your desktop, apps and files are secured in the cloud, learning and teaching from anywhere is a breeze. See why 50 million students and educators across the world choose Lenovo Chromebook to support remote collaboration and effective hybrid learning.

Safe by design
Safe by design

With Lenovo Chromebook and Google Education Upgrade, you can rest easy knowing that the personal information of your students and staff are safeguarded. See how security features, like the option to disable stolen devices, make Lenovo Chromebook ideal for keeping schools safe.


With spill-proof keyboards and scratch-proof screens, Lenovo Chromebooks are built with longevity in mind. And with a battery life of ten hours, there’s no need for charging during the school day. See how choosing the right device for learners and teachers helps your school produce less waste and use less energy.

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High standards in education need the technology to match. Discover our range of simple-yet-powerful devices to take learning beyond the classroom walls—safely. Chromebook users also get a free one-year subscription to LanSchool classroom management software. 

Products, solutions and services

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