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ThinkIoT Solutions for smarter workplaces

Lenovo Commercial IoT can create a safer environment for employees who are getting back to work, while providing added efficiency for the world of the new normal.

In a world of added risk, this could be the opportunity to transform your working spaces into a smart, connected environment by using our fully validated IoT solutions.

Our ecosystem of innovative solutions can support your business in controlling entry to specific sites, ensuring that government guidelines are made clear and that people are using the space in a safe manner. Also providing contact tracing and management when needed.

We provide functional, reliable and scalable end-to-end IoT solutions that help to create a safer working environment for employees and visitors. We can fully implement and manage these solutions, so you can focus on the outcomes that matter to your business and quickly adapt to the new normal.

ThinkIoT solutions for reopening workplaces

In response to COVID-19, we have introduced a set of trusted ThinkIoT solutions that can be rapidly deployed at scale, supporting employee health and safety in the workplace, in alignment with three key steps required in reopening workplaces: controlling who gets into sites, managing behaviour within sites, and responding to incidents. And each of these solutions will continue to provide value once we get to the new normal.


of people surveyed expect their employers to deploy technology safety measures within their workplaces. (Lenovo Return to Work Survey, June 2020)

Step 1: Control who gets into locations

Identify potentially sick people before they enter the location and control access to limit risk and comply with recommended policies.

internet of things workplace solutions temperature screening icon

Elevated Temperature Screening:

Thermal screening solutions using FDA cleared thermal cameras [510(k) K033967] to identify elevated body temperature in individuals as they go through access points.

Back to Work

Limit the risk of liability by checking for fever at the door, identify individuals for further screening and encourage self-quarantine where appropriate.

New Normal Transformation

Minimize sick days and maximize productivity by screening for seasonal flu and common illnesses. Integrate security systems to automate documentation, contact tracing and access.

internet of things workplace solutions touchless access icon

Touchless Building Access:

Modern access control that allows touchless access, phone-based authentication, easy cloud management, and integrations with legacy access control systems and IoT solutions.

Back to Work

Limit touch points around the workplace with hands-free access, automate security and wellness procedures, and quickly update access from the cloud in response to incidents or policy changes.

New Normal Transformation

Enhance employee experience with frictionless access, easily manage visitor permissions, and reduce administrative overhead.

Step 2: Managing behaviors within the space

Ensure new policies are highly visible, manage occupancy and distancing inside building to reduce risks and help people feel safe.

internet of things workplace behavior management solutions icon

Digital Signage and Policy Communication:

Integrated digital communication and content management solution to effectively communicate policies and information to your workforce.

Back to Work

Communicate the latest COVID-19 policies and protocols quickly and efficiently across the enterprise. Broadcast important content and dashboards using displays and employee screensavers.

New Normal Transformation

Simplify management of content across different locations to drive ongoing employee engagement and communication.

internet of things workplace behavior management solutions monitoring icon

Safe Workspace Monitoring:

Office occupancy monitoring solution with granularity to a seat level, to comply with social distancing protocols and identify workspace utilization for target cleaning.

Back to Work

Regulate distancing protocols by floors, sections, and seats. Monitor clustering and compliance, then designate areas for targeted cleaning.

New Normal Transformation

Review detailed analytics to develop practical workspace plans, optimize utilization and inform corporate strategy.

Step 3: Being prepared to respond to incidents

Identify and sanitize impacted areas after incidents. Notify at-risk employees and visitors after potential exposure.

internet of things workplace solutions incidents icon

On-Premise Contact Tracing:

Employee and visitor tracing using existing Wi-Fi network to monitor workspace zone health and enable a focused response in the event of an incident.

Back to Work

Monitor workplace zone health based on the density and dwell time of visitor and employee devices. Identify areas where infected individuals previously visited and notify individuals of exposure risk even if proximity did not happen at the same time.

New Normal Transformation

Capture people flow, heat maps, and dwell trends to gain actionable intelligence. Leverage data to enhance employee and visitor experience, increase productivity, and inform workplace strategy.

internet of things workplace incident solutions icon

Incident Dashboards:

On-demand, easy to understand insights to support rapid communication, response management, and target cleaning response.

Back to Work

Reduce the costs and time for incident response with data visualizations that support targeted sanitization of high-risk areas.

New Normal Transformation

Leverage data and insights to support future operational and productivity initiatives.

Working together, these ThinkIoT solutions can form a protective barrier around sites, creating an intelligent environment that reduces the risk of infection and transmission, and in case of an incident, alert the right people and ensure rapid cleaning and sanitation. Most importantly the employee will feel confident returning to the workplace. In addition, these solutions will help you implement the “new normal workplace transformation” plans.

Solutions Guide

Download our solutions guide to get a clear picture of how Lenovo is working with an ecosystem of certified partners to provide innovative, validated CIoT solutions – together we’re making returning to work more safe and more efficient. This guide includes details of individual solutions, pricing information and demonstrates how CIoT is working in context.

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Delivering the solutions you need...

In early June 2020, we conducted a survey with more than 1,000 participants in the U.S. to better understand how technology could help address the COVID-19 crisis. Here are the most important findings:


of respondents said their job shifted to remote work in response to COVID-19


of people saying they have no specific timeline to return to the workplace


say it’s important for their companies to deploy technology safety measures within their workplaces


say they feel safer with temperature screenings in place


are confident for technology solutions to quickly identify and respond to COVID-19 incidents within the workplace


are likely to implement technology solutions on their personal/work devices to promote their workplace safety

Our ‘Smarter Workplaces’ IoT Partner Ecosystem

Lenovo Partners provide innovative solutions for specific challenges affecting every industry. We work with industry leaders to provide a curated set of solutions, based on the success of their existing deployments. Our customers can expect effective delivery and ongoing management for every solution.


Make sense of corporate real estate through workplace visualizations and performance algorithms that optimize how space is used.

L Squared

Intelligent digital signage broadcasts important information from any screen, for smart communication in the workplace.


Gain insight with indoor intelligence that enhances employee and visitor experience and drive strategy.

Viper Imaging

Make thermal information visible with highly accurate, automated temperature measurement for devices and people.

The CXApp

Connect workplace technology in one platform to elevate the employee experience.


Automate security procedures and enforce compliance with next generation, frictionless mobile access control.

If you are interested in joining the Lenovo Commercial IoT Partner Program, get in touch.

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