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Lenovo OEM Solutions offer the intensive performance and reliability that’s essential in today’s critical healthcare applications. Whatever area you’re focused on – whether patient information systems, life sciences, radiology, outpatient care or veterinary systems – you can gain access to predictable service, leading-edge technologies, secure platforms and extensive solution development support. You’ll also experience a worldwide network of support services, management and logistics, multi-level customization, solutions integration and program management.

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Medical image generation

Powerful AI-driven compute that can be adapted and embedded in medical devices or medical rooms for uses like CT scanning, 3D imaging, and other diagnostic radiology. High-performance processing capabilities along with high-bandwidth 5G produce ultra high-resolution images and AI-enabled analytics that gathers the most critical information in real-time leading to accurate diagnoses for better patient outcomes.


Outpatient care

Remotely monitor and produce patient care virtually, optimizing patient outcomes after leaving the hospital and delivering treatment that maximizes convenience while reducing costs to both patients and providers. Having that equipment to serve critical demand is possible with an award-winning supply chain ensuring 90% on-time/higher delivery, supporting faster turnaround and speedier innovation.


Smart hospital systems

AI-driven analytics & automation, from check-in to departure, optimize efficiencies throughout the hospital system for a better patient and administrator experience. Wayfinding and kiosks enable patients and visitors to quickly find where they’re going. Automation of processes lessens burden on hospital admins and nurses to register, remotely monitor and view patient information, and enables accurate bill processing.

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Healthy growth alive with opportunity

The global radiology information systems (RIS) and optical imaging market is expected to be $979M by 2025, representing a CAGR of 7.4%. Diagnostic imaging is undergoing a revolutionary transformation through the adoption of AI-generated algorithms, helping providers better prioritize urgent cases, improve accuracy, increase productivity, and help to address the shortage of radiologists with remote radiology Lenovo’s innovative AI-enabled hardware makes us the ideal partners for creating new medical device solutions.


Compact devices packed with power

Versatility and power with easy management

ThinkEdge Portfolio

Small, rugged, and built to handle your business needs at the edge.

  • Power to aggregate and analyze real-time data from distributed IoT devices
  • Module support available for 4G or 5G
  • Extended temperature support from -20 to +60 Celsius
ThinkSystem Rack Servers

SE350, SR630 and SR650 servers deliver enterprise-grade power in 1U rack space.

  • Flexible connectivity options
  • Simplified management through Lenovo XClarity
  • Suitable for demanding visual applications
LG Medical Displays

Medical imaging screens powered by Lenovo devices.

  • Auto-calibrating diagnostic display solutions certified to work with Lenovo
  • Solutions meet all PACS specifications

Powerful & Reliable ThinkStations designed to tackle heavy workloads.

  • Available in a variety of sizes to fit your solution
  • Intensive data processing for AI, machine learning, & extreme graphics processing
  • Exceeds leading ISV certification standards across industries
InstoreScreen Displays

Smart digital screens powered by Lenovo devices.

  • Instore screen displays for smart hospital interactive signage solutions
  • Anti-microbial & durable displays for high-traffic areas

The Crosswave Partner Program is built on Lenovo OEM, bringing you turnkey solutions that target the specific needs in your industry.

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As your OEM partner, we back your healthcare and diagnostic solutions with a comprehensive suite of worldwide support services. Your customers have direct access to the support they need, and our global footprint ensures consistent delivery. We operate 51 contact centers across 165 countries, with 3,000 field service locations. You can sell your solutions without the additional commitment of providing service for the Lenovo elements of the solution.


Well-designed, reliable, and expertly powered OEM Solutions

Our healthcare and radiology solutions are all founded on our core principles of predictability, innovation and partnership. As healthcare and radiology solution OEM partners, we offer extended lifecycle management with end-to-end solution integration and product transition management. You will have a trusted partner with a legacy of quality and design innovation that has made us leaders in the PC market. And we back our solutions with superior services that lift the burden of support from you and deliver real peace of mind to your customers.

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