Openpath – Modern Building Access

Strengthen security, reduce cost, and improve building experiences

Lenovo’s Modern Building Access solution with Openpath sets a new standard in keyless access

Lenovo and Openpath’s Modern Building Access solution allows touch-free access, phone-based authentication, and easy management. It’s the perfect way to welcome your employees back to the office and to ensure the security of facilities housing sensitive information.

With touch-free entry, employees can go wherever they need, safely and efficiently. You control who gets in where and when; remote management from a single portal allows admins to easily adjust permissions.

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What are the key benefits?

Hands free access

Limit touchpoints on doors and make access simple with automatic door controls.

Easy authentication and security

Our patented technology allows you to set parameters on entry. The system authenticates securely with a mobile phone.

Scalable interoperability

Backwards compatibility and our open API platform allow for endless integration with other cloud technologies, streamlining your complete building operating system.

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Simplified operations

Centralized control with cloud-based access administration and management.

Key features


Hands-free unlock

Wave your hand in front of the door entry reader with your smartphone in your pocket to unlock the door. The solution integrates with an automatic door opener for contactless entry.

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Multi-factor authentication

Enable MFA or biometric authentication for sensitive locations and entries, leveraging the fingerprint or facial recognition built into employees’ smartphones.


Instant credentialing

Add or revoke access to any building or schedule with employees. Permissioned users can also remotely authorize guest access by sending a text or email link.


Remote access

Control your entire access control system remotely to unlock any entry, manage door schedules, enable lockdown plans, and send real-time alerts to employees.

The worldwide leader in online mailing and cutting-edge shipping software, leverages cloud-based access control to merge enterprise cyber and physical security.

Keep it simple with Lenovo

Easy to deploy, enterprise-wide

Rapid solution installation

  • Pre-installation site surveys
  • Global deployment expertise

Simplified solution management

  • Proactive 24x7 remote health monitoring
  • Global field service repair network
  • Consistent support for all your solutions

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