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Intel i9
Intel i9

Building the future of work together

To help IT leaders understand how smarter technology can evolve and fulfill their strategy, we took a look at the role of flexibility, productivity, and innovation in modern business.


Guide 1: The new rules of innovation

As IT innovation continues to accelerate, offering new ways for organizations to differentiate from their competitors, what are the imperatives for IT to win the innovation race? Our interactive guide will help you unpick the challenges and opportunities that hybrid working has created for your business.

Guide 2: The new rules of flexibility

Read this interactive guide to learn about the growing role of technology in supporting employee productivity, satisfaction, wellbeing, and retention. Delve into the detail of your expanding strategic responsibilities, from embracing innovation to protecting your operational stability.


Our solutions

Get briefed on the latest Lenovo ThinkBook products in our in-depth guides. Examine which devices best fit your strategic goals and create a flexible foundation for the future.

Focus on flexibility

This guide will help you to identify the products which best suit your needs when it comes to flexibility, whether it’s helping your teams adapt, collaborate, or stay productive for longer.

Focus on exceptional experiences

Wellbeing and retention are watchwords for successful businesses. This guide explores how Lenovo ThinkBook devices contribute to a great user experience, by keeping staff engaged, productive, and happy.

Experience work in 16:10

Small change. Big difference. The Lenovo ThinkBook range now has larger screens with 16:10 aspect ratio. That’s an upgrade on the way you work. With 11% more screen space, a bigger keyboard and more efficient cooling, your productivity and collaboration will grow too. We’ve even made the devices narrower – and kept the price exactly the same. It’s time to experience more.


Marginal gains

Optimize your people’s performance with 11% more screen space thanks to the slimmer bezels and 16:10 aspect ratio.


Comfort is key

Bigger arrow keys, a bigger trackpad and click pads. All in the name of keeping you comfortable while you stay productive.


Better performance

The aspect ratio creates space for more ports, a larger, longer-life battery, two SSDs and a more efficient cooling system.

Our latest Lenovo ThinkBook devices

Have a look through the new portfolio to find your perfect fit.

ThinkBook 13x Gen 2 i7_552x343.jpg
ThinkBook 13x Gen 2

A super-slim, portable and stylish 1.2kg laptop, built on the Intel® EvoTM platform. The 13.3” panel with 91.5% screen-to-body ratio (STBR) and 16:10 aspect ratio offers more screen space in a small form factor. With the latest Intel® CoreTM i7 processor, long battery life, and productivity-rich features, it’s ready for all-day work.

ThinkBook 16 Gen 6 i7_552x343.jpg
ThinkBook 16 Gen 6

Bigger keyboard. Longer battery life. More efficient cooling. This laptop opens up a world of improved performance, powered by the latest Intel® CoreTM i7 processor. With the 16:10 aspect ratio it brings collaboration and productivity to your workday. With 11% more screen space and better (2.8K) screen resolution – but same portable size.

ThinkBook 16p Gen 4 i9_552x343.jpg
ThinkBook 16p Gen 4

All the power of a professional-calibre desktop. Packed into a portable 2kg laptop. The ultra-crisp display, high-speed wireless connectivity, and next-gen graphics card will keep your team productive. Powered by the latest Intel® CoreTM i9 processor for superior speed, peak performance and unmatched security.

Designed to help you Do the Unthinkable

Empower you and your teams to achieve unthinkable performance, productivity, and flexibility with Lenovo Go accessories. Find the perfect IT companion to complement the ultimate ThinkBook experience.

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