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Accelerate industrial digitalization

The metaverse, the 3D evolution of the internet, introduces opportunities for enterprises to digitalize their physical processes. But enterprises need to navigate the complexities of globally spread teams, siloed data and incompatible software tools, and the demand for generative AI-enabled real-time simulations.

NVIDIA Omniverse Enterprise is a platform for industrial digitalization that enables teams to develop AI-enabled interoperable 2D workflows and OpenUSD applications. Lenovo ThinkPad and ThinkStation P Series workstations powered by NVIDIA RTX are optimized for Omniverse Enterprise. Together, Lenovo and NVIDIA are powering industrial advancement.

Benefits of Omniverse Enterprise

NVIDIA Omniverse Enterprise enables enterprises to develop interoperable 3D pipelines and industrial digitalization applications.


Data interoperability

Experience nondestructive interoperability for your workflows with Universal Scene Description (OpenUSD) and Omniverse.


Scalable visualization and simulation

Create physically accurate visualizations and simulations of products and environments virtually, reducing the time and costs associated with physical testing.


Ecosystem of application building blocks

Integrate your team’s preferred tools seamlessly by bringing in your existing workflows into Omniverse.


Built-in AI

Create intelligent applications that can analyze data, recognize patterns, and make predictions. Embed AI into your workflows and automate repetitive tasks.

Smarter technology in action

See how our customers are using Lenovo Workstations and NVIDIA Omniverse Enterprise to create digital twins, innovate production, and more.

Smarter creates digital twins

Predator Cycling is using the Lenovo ThinkStation and ThinkSystem portfolios with NVIDIA Omniverse Enterprise to create 1:1 digital twins of their custom carbon fiber bicycles, significantly improving their workflows.

Smarter creates immersive experiences

Using NVIDIA Omniverse Enterprise and its connectors, we recently created an immersive digital twin of the new Lenovo ThinkStation PX, powered by up to 4 NVIDIA RTX 6000 Ada Generation GPUs, and co-designed with Aston Martin.

Smarter innovates production

Learn how Ars Thanea is using cutting edge technologies from Lenovo Workstations and NVIDIA Omniverse Enterprise to connect the work they do as it continues to become increasingly more virtual.


Complete end-to-end Omniverse solutions

Whether you want to leverage the power of a desktop workstation, such as the ThinkStation P620, rack mounted workstations, like the new ThinkStation PX, mobile workstations, such as the ThinkPad P1, or even virtual workstations powered by ThinkSystem SR675 V3, Lenovo is pleased to offer a complete portfolio of turn-key Omniverse Enterprise solutions. These systems are NVIDIA-Certified and available in a wide variety of configurations, to suit a wide variety of project sizes.

Unlock ultimate collaboration across verticals

Creators, designers and engineers can now harness the power of NVIDIA-Certified Lenovo Workstations to unleash new levels of digitalization with Omniverse Enterprise.

Media & Entertainment

Exceed your clients’ expectations. Ease the creative path while maximizing production efficiency and pipeline reliability.

Manufacturing & Product Development

Easily meet the demands of workflows such as CAD, CAE, CAM, and PLM, with superior processing and graphics power.

Architecture, Engineering & Construction

Gain the power to design and construct today’s physical infrastructures, using tomorrow’s emerging technologies.

Everything-as-a-service, from the pocket to the data center

To simplify procurement, Lenovo is pleased to offer the NVIDIA Omniverse Enterprise platform through our TruScale service. TruScale provides delivery of the entire Lenovo & NVIDIA stack, as-a-service, from a single source. Everything, from hardware and software licensing to support and management, is optimized with one Lenovo contract and one point of contact. This means customers can easily package their purchase of P Series workstations, NVIDIA Omniverse Enterprise software, and all the other tools needed to meet today’s collaboration needs, both today as well as in the future.


Access your free trial

Gain access to a free 30 day trial of NVIDIA Omniverse Enterprise software. Follow the link below to gain access to your free trial.

Lenovo EveryScale OVX Solution for NVIDIA Omniverse

NVIDIA OVX™ is a data center scale computing system designed to power industrial digital twin simulations within NVIDIA Omniverse Enterprise.


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