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Simplified solution management. 
From edge, to cloud, 
to application.

Lenovo and AWS Cloud, enabling a new approach to enterprise solutions

Shape the future of your business with an ecosystem of leading technology solutions and services that are developed and managed by Lenovo, and powered by AWS Cloud.

Our trusted expertise in deploying and managing millions of devices, combined with the scalability and partner community of AWS Cloud, empowers you with turn-key solutions that reduce management complexity and accelerate the speed of your transformation.

What are the benefits of
Lenovo Industry Solutions?

Our mission is to make owning and managing enterprise solutions as simple as owning and managing PCs.

Before we release any solution, we subject it to a repeatable validation process – with a rigorous checklist – to ensure it provides reliability, security, serviceability and scalability.



Our turn-key solutions are pre-packaged and tested to ensure they can be swiftly deployed and maintained - securely. We have certified best in class solutions to simplify and accelerate deployment across the enterprise.



We reduce the complexity of managing enterprise solutions at scale. Our services experts monitor and maintain multiple enterprise solutions across multiple platforms, optimizing their health and availability, with Lenovo Solutions Management Platform, powered by AWS.



We validate and deploy our solutions with privacy and security as our top priority. With smart access and enhanced communications, your business and people are protected. Once a solution is deployed, we provide ongoing expert support and proactive management using the Lenovo Solutions Management Platform to deliver optimal functionality and ROI from your solutions ecosystem.

Simplified solution ownership

Forget the worries of hiring local vendors to deploy and manage point solutions at each of your sites. With the backing of our Solutions Management Platform, powered by AWS Cloud, you can stay focused on your bottom line with the assurance that your enterprise solutions are running reliably.

Our platform provides user-friendly means for us to onboard solutions, customers and devices. It’s designed to manage multi-vendor solutions, supporting enterprise deployment across hundreds of sites and communicating with millions of sensors and devices. Once solutions are successfully deployed, our service delivery team uses the platform to remotely monitor them, enabling proactive issue escalations through our System to System (S2S) integration. Thus, by the time you realize there is a problem, if the solution is integrated into our platform, we will already be working to resolve it.

Lenovo Solutions Management Platform helps to:

  • Ensure efficiency and interoperability, supporting multiple end-to-end solutions and services through one pane of glass
  • Minimize downtime and maximize performance with proactive management
  • Extend control throughout your entire ecosystem, from holistic solutions to the smallest component parts

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Lenovo Solutions Management Platform: Cut through the complexity

Streamline your approach to technology solutions, and accelerate the speed of your business. That’s the promise of the new Lenovo Solutions Management Platform.

Watch the video, to learn how this innovative AWS Cloud-powered platform will simplify the way you monitor and manage the health of your enterprise solutions technology across the globe.

Our vendor-agnostic approach delivers the flexibility and scalability needed to tackle problem resolution in multiple solutions faster, to boost business performance, and to accelerate your digital transformation.

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Interview with Lenovo’s Industry Solutions Engineering leader Rakesh Kumar, hosted by Gaston Sandoval

How does the Lenovo Solutions Management Platform simplify deployment and scalability, not just for our customers, but also for service delivery teams? How will you benefit from this extra efficiency, and what benefits arise from our strategic partnership with AWS?

Watch this video to hear from Rakesh Kumar – Software Engineering Director at Lenovo, –and Gaston Sandoval – CMO, Industry Solutions at Lenovo

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Interview with Service Delivery leader Julio Pineda, hosted by Rebecca Horton

This short podcast explores the common challenges faced by customers and solution providers, and shares insight into how the combined expertise of Lenovo and AWS can help both.

Listen to this podcast to hear from Julio Pineda – Service and Delivery Director at Lenovo and Rebecca Horton – Design Strategy Leader at Lenovo

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“Transform your Business with Lenovo’s IoT Solutions on AWS”

What are the specific steps involved in deploying Lenovo validated solutions and integrating them with AWS Cloud? This blogpost shows how Lenovo’s Solutions Management Platform simplifies IoT for enterprise, and how Lenovo can help ISVs scale globally.

Read this blog to hear from Rakesh Kumar – Software Engineering Director at Lenovo, Ryan Vanderwerf – Partner Solutions Architect at AWS and Gandhinath Swaminathan – Partner Solutions Architect at AWS

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