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K-12 education

Lenovo EDU hardware, software and services enable safe, accessible learning for all


Unleash the power of Lenovo

Lenovo EDU helps to provide a safe, accessible and collaborative experience for K-12 students, no matter where they are learning. Educators have new opportunities to inspire curiosity, while administrators benefit from cost-effective and time-saving innovation.



Create the optimal environment for technology-enabled learning. Our whole solutions – hardware, software, and services – are built for education. Our range of affordable devices are rugged and secure, remote management-ready, simple to deploy, and easily integrated into your existing infrastructure.



Confidently inspire imagination and discovery. We provide solutions for distance learning and remote lessons, hybrid teaching and learning that keep education on track in classrooms and at home with a range of secure cloud-based applications that are easy to manage, deploy, integrate, and scale.



Rapidly adapt to meet tomorrow’s educational challenges. We provide access to exciting, innovative technologies that expand teachers’ toolkits and enhance students’ experiences.


Solve the challenges of modern K-12 education

The tools and skills required for teaching K-12 students changed dramatically as a result of the pandemic. Hybrid classrooms required specialised, affordable technology.
Meanwhile, the sudden increase in network traffic presented a range of challenges, including manageability, accessibility and security. See how we can support your educational goals.


Explore this year’s report on K-12 computing

Each year, the Consortium for School Networking (CoSN) surveys K-12 IT leaders in the US. The aim is to provide insight for the education sector’s specific technical challenges and digital strategies. As you might expect, during the first year of the pandemic, the IT landscape changed significantly. This year, slow internet connection was the biggest challenge, amongst many others.

Powerful devices, built for education

We design our range of Lenovo EDU devices to withstand accidental knocks, drops and spills, while anchored keyboards can resist being pried apart by curious students. Keep learnings safe and secure with the built-in enhanced security features from the Intel vPro® platform. And, get a FREE upgrade to Windows 111 (When available, see below)


ThinkPad E14 Gen 2

Powerful, reliable laptop with exceptional audio that runs seamlessly all day long, perfect for on-the-go professionals.


Lenovo 500w Gen 3

Built with toughened Gorilla® Glass to resist scratches, this touchscreen laptop is as durable as it is intuitive.


ThinkPad L13 Yoga Gen 2

Work at high speed with this flexible laptop’s powerful CPU, immersive graphics and AI accelerated performance.


Power up learning with the latest technology

Supporting K-12 schools by providing teachers and students with powerful, innovative devices is just one part of the story. That’s why we provide end-to-end management and support services that help you unlock even more value from your technology investment.

Explore smarter education solutions
Adapt your educational approach to keep up with the latest advances in technology. Our tailored solutions enable greater collaboration between remote teachers and students, and unlock new learning opportunities.
Education Software
Discover a digital alternative to traditional classrooms with our range of tools and services.
Inspire passion, foster new friendships and teach valuable skills with our Esports solution.
Hybrid Classroom
Connect with students in digital and physical classrooms simultaneously, wherever they are.
VR Classroom
Bring your students’ imagination to life and help them explore immersive new experiences.

Smarter protection for curious minds

Lenovo ThinkShield is our customisable, end-to-end security solution that helps to ensure privacy, protection and safeguarding for your students, no matter where devices are being used.

Track and remotely lock
lost or stolen devices
Monitor device health
and usage
Update software and
applications remotely
Protect against cyberattacks with
endpoint detection and response
Apply filters that restrict access
to inappropriate content
Analyse network traffic
for usage insight
Monitor accounts to
prevent cyberbullying

Make virtual learning secure

Focus on teaching and learning priorities, instead of IT management, with ThinkShield’s built-in platform security to safeguard the entire lifecycle of a device.

Improve device security

ThinkShield’s fully customizable solutions secure critical data and protect devices against the most sophisticated threats, from CPU to OEM to OS.

Protect vulnerable software

Secure your students and staff, both at home and in the classroom, with ThinkShield’s most comprehensive protection — fully customizable to your needs.

Prevent cyber attacks

Security is critical to the future of education. SentinelOne’s AI-powered antivirus protection detects, prevents, and can automatically roll back from malware attacks.

Power imagination with Lenovo Workstations

Give your students access to professional-grade, high performance Lenovo Workstation devices to teach them vital skills that will prepare them for opportunities in engineering, media and entertainment, or other data-intensive professions.

Powerful Lenovo ThinkStations use first-class NVIDIA RTX GPUs to enable real-time collaboration and interaction with 3D models and photo-realistic visualisations. Your students can also connect to these powerful desktops remotely, using TGX Remote Workstation software.

Lenovo ThinkPad P-Series mobile workstations can also provide high-performance computing in a portable form-factor, enabling a more flexible approach to remote learning and collaboration.

Working together to develop potential

We work with industry leaders to build powerful devices that improve educational experiences. Rely on best-in-class performance from our range of laptops, 2-in-1s and tablets. And transform classrooms into connected, hybrid learning environments with our ready-to-go room kits.


Talk about K-12 hot topics

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1. The Windows 11 upgrade will be delivered to qualifying devices late 2021 into 2022. Timing will vary by device. Certain features require specifc hardware (see aka.ms/windows11-spec)