Best-of-breed technology meets personalized support
Bridge the gap between employee expectations and experience.

The next generation of IT is here

If your team is struggling with low ticket resolutions and poor end-user experience, it’s probably because of old legacy systems and inefficient processes. Anything slow, unreliable, and costly just won’t cut it anymore. In the modern digital workplace, you need to stay ahead of the competition.

Today, it’s all about automated, market-leading technology, with human support. Lenovo Service Desk offers a single point of Engagement Model that proactively, promptly, and personally provides resolution. Plus, you’ll get access to our AI-driven Lenovo Service Platform and a pool of more than 3,200 experts to support you. All while optimizing costs.


of organizations worldwide have adopted or plan to adopt a hybrid work from anywhere model1.


of service and support leaders say improving their operations is among their most important goals for 20232.

Personalization as the root of productivity

Your workforce wastes a lot of time and effort chasing after IT tickets. It’s time to do something about it – and the good news is, with Lenovo, you can.

A fully managed, fully next-generation service desk frees up employees’ time so they can focus on more productive tasks – ultimately, helping your business to thrive.


See your business flourish with a modern Service Desk


improvement in revenue retention3


efficiency gains3


return on investment3

Only the employee-focus businesses survive

53% of CX/EX decision-makers in the US are prioritizing improving employee experience4. The pressure is on to gain an advantage in a soon-to-be overpopulated market. A modern service desk helps you improve productivity, experience, and performance without increasing IT budgets. Here’s how.


Never machine-first

No matter how small the issue, Service Desk provides personalized support, with the help of robust analytics and AI to give a rapid response – in any situation.

Seamless human experience

What’s the key ingredient to delivering greater employee experience? The answer is simple: Data. Service Desk combines industry-standard service level agreements with experience-level metrics to meet your needs 24/7.

Invest in IT

Is predictability boring? At Lenovo, we see it as priceless. Predictive and proactive maintenance powered by AI and Automation helps you make cost-effective decisions.

Lenovo Service Desk: not a help desk.

It’s real, human support. It’s end-to-end ticket management. It’s built from the ground up to offer great user experience from the start. Imagine.


Increased remote resolution through AI and automation


Single Pane Glass Portal for self-service functionality


A trusted advisor and partner across your IT lifecycle

Create the ultimate work habitat

A responsive IT system is only part of what makes employee experience great. As hybrid workers hold new expectations from their workplace, building a work habitat that meets their needs is critical to seeing your business flourish.

And Lenovo Service Desk is only part of the wider Lenovo Digital Workplace Solutions offering. There’s a lot more to improving employee experience and accelerating your digital transformation.


Engage the next generation

Put an end to repetitive, unresolved IT issues. Give your employees a better user experience, and yourself a more productive workforce.

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Aggregated savings across a single composite organization with 50,000 monthly contact points.

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