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Make your Vision a Reality

Artificial Intelligence is the most important general-purpose technology of our era. With powerful techniques like machine & deep learning and data science, companies of any size are fully empowered to drive their own AI-enabled future.

By leveraging bleeding edge artificial intelligence solutions from Lenovo, you can deliver commercial benefits and project success faster, and easier, than you ever thought possible.

From Hours to Milliseconds

AI Practitioners spend nearly 90% of their time on data processing and preparation tasks. Learn how Lenovo Data Science Workstations, powered by the latest Intel Xeon CPUs, Optane DC Persistent Memory and GPUs, allow AI professionals to maximize their entire workflow; taking complicated analysis tasks from hours, to mere milliseconds.



Workstations Built with Data Science in Mind

Delivering the power needed to increase speed and proficiency at every stage of the AI workflow, Lenovo's purpose-built workstations require the perfect end-to-end solution for data scientists.



Optimized for Data Scientists, by Data Scientists

Powerful & Reliable

Powerful & Reliable


Lenovo’s desktop and mobile workstations provide the power, configurability, and industry-leading reliability you need to handle even the most complex data science workloads without project downtime. Available in single and multi-CPU & GPU configurations, these powerful workstations enable maximum time to insight with full workflow acceleration for real-time interactivity with up to 5 billion rows of data.


Simple & Configurable


An easy to deploy, out of the box solution for data scientists, Lenovo Data Science Workstations are pre-installed and configured with a fully certified Ubuntu 20.04 Enterprise Linux OS and Lenovo’s Data Science software stack. Featuring powerful machine/deep learning and developer tools, these powerfully configured workstations include software such as: Intel AI Analytics Toolkit, RAPIDS, TensorFlow, Keras, PyTorch, XGBoost, R-Studio, Docker and more.

Agile and secure

Agile & Secure


Analysts are empowered to freely interact with their data, creating the ability for near real-time business insights for previously tedious data exploration tasks, all without needing to compute in the cloud. Leveraging one high-performance, local workstation, analysts now have a secure sandbox environment to do data preparation, cleaning, exploration, visualization, modelling, training and testing, all in one.




Leveraging Lenovo Workstations for Data Science means huge efficiencies. With no hidden or ongoing fees, and available as a capex or subscription-based business investment leveraging Lenovo’s Device as a Service, these powerful workstations provide ultimate return on investment and significantly lower total cost of ownership thanks to predictable costs.

Data Analytics

Easily explain AI models to business leaders and explore at the speed of curiosity

As datasets grow larger and more complex, analysts with inadequately configured systems can experience unforeseen delays. This results in reduced productivity and can compromise time to insight; a challenge that is frustrating for data analysts and business leaders alike.

Lenovo's dedicated portfolio of data science workstations are purpose built with the data scientist in mind; delivering best in class Intel Xeon CPU & Memory performance. In addition, these data science workstations include the new Lenovo Data Science operating system. This custom Linux OS, based on Ubuntu 20.04 LTS, is configurable as a factory option and features many of the industry’s most common machine and deep learning frameworks, AI development tools and data analytics software applications.

Developer tools like the Intel OneAPI AI analytics toolkit deliver pre-tuned AI frameworks for many common data science workflows that can help AI professionals across the enterprise to drastically increase the speed and efficiency of their workflows.

Unleash the True Potential of Your Data

Gain Efficiencies & Save Time

Through close partnerships with industry leading AI and data science software providers like OmniSci, Lenovo Workstations empower AI practitioners and business analysts to interactively query, visualize, and explore data science workstreams that feature billions of records, in mere milliseconds.


No Downsampling or Pre-Aggregation of Data Required

OmniSci software leverages the full power and parallelism of the heterogenous (CPU/GPU) architecture found in every Lenovo Data Science workstation. Collaborate freely with other familiar data science APIs, and connect to many open source data science ecosystems like Jupyter, Python and more.


Edge Computing

As datasets and data ingest demands grow, there is an ever-increasing need for more scalable and powerful computing power at the edge. These AI edge devices can vary from mandatory gateway platforms, to more powerful CPU-accelerated workstations designed to deliver real-time results in tasks such as Federated Learning, computer vision and inferencing.

Lenovo Workstations, powered by Intel Xeon CPUs, are built to handle the largest and most complex workflows; delivering the highest level of computational performance at the edge.

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