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Making every office the corner office

Today’s working environment? It looks a bit different. Now, home means home office. And that can leave spaces feeling a little cramped. With ThinkVision from Lenovo, we give you more room for your room. Board. Room. Meeting. Room. Breathing Room.

As we’ve shifted to a work from home lifestyle, we’re working longer hours, with significantly increased screen usage. With ThinkVision, you can work in comfort with high quality displays built to boost productivity, enable multi-tasking, and increase focus for the task at hand. Plus, our unique ergonomic design and industry-leading eyecare approach to design can help keep you healthy, happy, and productive.




Explore the ThinkVision family

Explore our industry-leading display solutions. Whether your priority is mobility, connectivity or crystal-clear quality – finding the right monitor helps to bring out the best results from your employees, wherever they work.

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Mobile Monitor

Portable productivity with the M-series


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Camera-mic Built in Solution

Smarter collaboration with the T-series


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Professional standard


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Office functionality


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Reliable business


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Improved collaboration


High quality, high performance

Built with industry-leading eyecare technology, ThinkVision monitors deliver immersive visual experiences with options for 4K resolutions, ultra-wide formats, and borderless screens. Plus, our entire ThinkVision lineup is certified with TÜV Rheinland eyecare certificates, allowing you to focus on your work like never before.

With selected monitors certified as TÜV Rheinland Eyesafe Displays and empowered by the industry-leading natural low blue light eyecare technology, ThinkVision has a display to suit your needs. And, with optional features like USB-C Docking Monitor for increased connectivity, camera-mic built-in (VoIP) solution options for enhanced collaboration, and portable form factors for flexible working, there’s no limiting your productivity.


Learn more about ThinkVision monitors with the industry-leading TÜV Rheinland Eyesafe® certification



Envision a sustainable future

All ThinkVision monitors are provided with unmatched reliability, durability and sustainability.

Lenovo ThinkVision has been awarded EPEAT Gold Certification for many of our products. All newly released ThinkVision devices contain up to 85% recycled plastic resins, saving plastic from landfills. Every ThinkVision monitor is Mercury free, Arsenic free, Cd free, and has a GREENGUARD certification. Our energy-efficient screens help to lower power consumption at home and in the office. A wide range of our monitors are certified by Energy Star, helping to save electricity and reduce CO₂emissions.

Innovative functions such as Lenovo Smart Power also reduce power consumption. Integrated with USB-C, this dynamically manages the power delivery to each connected USB device and enables seamless multitasking.

Lenovo ThinkVision innovation for the Modern workforce

Specially designed for professional users, Lenovo ThinkVision monitors provide smart and innovative solutions for specific use cases. On selected models, ThinkVision monitors feature:

Thinkvision Icon Easy Connectivity

Easy connectivity

Fully functional USB-C docking monitor for convenient transfer of media, power and Internet connection between devices

Thinkvision Icon Smart Power

Smart Power

Intelligent function controls power distribution for charging connected USB devices easily and efficiently

Thinkvision Icon Low Bluelight

Natural Low Blue Light

Reduce harmful blue light emissions, while maintaining color and picture quality. An exclusive scope of ThinkVision monitors are certified as industry-leading TÜV Rheinland Eyesafe® display

Thinkvision Icon ThinkColor


Software-based solution for enabling smarter, fine-tuned performance that can be adjusted to your needs

Thinkvision Icon Smart VoIP

Smart VoIP

Enable teams to collaborate effectively, wherever they are, with integrated options for communication

Thinkvision Icon Lightweight

Ultra-slim and lightweight

Powerful, portable monitors enhance on-the-go productivity for flexible workers

The ThinkVision lineup


Mobile monitor

Portable productivity with the M-series

Provide dual monitor-style productivity even when remote workers are on-the-go. Lightweight, portable monitors, the ThinkVision Mobile Monitor family provides easy display expansion and enable greater flexibility, ensuring comfort in confined or public spaces and maximizing efficiency with high-precision display and the latest options for connectivity.

Thinkvision M Series

On selected models, ThinkVision monitors feature:

Extreme portability

Ultra-slim and ultra-lightweight design

Clutter-free workspace

One cable connection and customized bundle accessories

Simplified screen extension

Multifunctional USB-C for transferring power, data* and video signal

Power pass through

Dual USB-C ports enable charging of multiple devices at once

Auto rotation*

Easily adjust display for different types of content consumption

Crystal clear display

See extra detail with 14-inch Full-HD display

Intuitive touchscreen*

10-point touchscreen interface and bundled active digital pen

Adjustable kickstand

Ergonomic design for user comfort and to match any compatible laptop with various screen sizes

TÜV Rheinland Low Blue Light Certification

Minimizes eye strain and maximizes comfort

*for selected models only


Camera-mic Built-in Solution

Smarter collaboration with the VoIP monitors

Get the same excellent display quality you expect from a ThinkVision VoIP monitor, but with a webcam, microphone and speakers built in. Keeping desks clutter-free can improve productivity and generate a feeling of well-being. These premium, collaboration-optimized monitors can enhance employee efficiency. VoIP ThinkVision monitors make conferencing and collaborating even easier.

On selected models, ThinkVision monitors feature:

Seamless remote collaboration

Built-in camera-mic (VoIP) for high-quality video calls with up to 27-inch QHD display featuring 1080p IR/RGB webcam that supports Windows Hello, noise cancelling microphones and integrated speakers

Confidentiality is enhanced*

With Smart Guard that blurs the screen the moment you look or move away or detects someone peeking over your shoulder

Natural Low Blue Light technology*

Certified with TÜV Rheinland Eye Eyesafe® helps protect eyes from strain without color distortion

Angle adjustable camera with face tracking*

Always keep yourself comfortably in frame

Smart Energy for power‑saving*

The screen will be turned off automatically when it senses that you have moved away from your desk, saving power and protecting data

USB-C Docking capability for a better desktop eco system*

Reduce desk-clutter, optimize charging of connected devices, improve multi-tasking

Smart Traffic Light on webcam*

Warns others that you are live on a conference call by using a red light

ThinkShutter Camera Cover

Ensure your privacy when it’s needed with a built-in privacy screen for your camera

ThinkColor - Lenovo Display Control Center*

Master display settings, seamless multitasking and remote asset management for IT managers

*for selected models only



Professional standard

Enhance work with a rich visual experience and staggering image quality. This is our line of premium performance monitors, made for professional users to accomplish specialised tasks.


On selected models, ThinkVision monitors feature:

Clutter-free desktop eco system*

USB-C Docking Monitors are designed to conveniently connect devices

Secure network access*

Enable high-speed, more secure Internet connection using hardline Ethernet cable

Simplified screen extensions*

Connect up to two 4K displays, seamlessly daisy-chain screens using a single USB-C cable

Modern design aesthetic

Stylish and slim design for an impressive and unobtrusive workspace

Easy, tool-less setup

Connect screens without needing IT support, installation is convenient, especially for remote workers

Revolutionize your visual experience*

Filmmakers and creators can make entertainment come alive with the industry-leading Mini-led display with Dolby Vision® approved and VESA certified HDR 1000 imaging technology that combines high-dynamic range (HDR) with wide color gamut capabilities

Intelligent power management*

Smart Power dynamically optimizes the charging of each connected device, helping to reduce power consumption

Healthy work environment

Advanced ergonomic features such as tilt, swivel and pivot help to create a comfortable user experience

Customizable display management

ThinkColor software allows users to calibrate their screens according to their needs

*for selected models only



Office functionality

Extend your workers’ display for improved multi-tasking. These high-performance, ergonomic monitors are suited for business and corporate use and connect easily with other devices.


On selected models, ThinkVision monitors feature:

Wide range for specific uses

Find the most suitable screen size and aspect ratio for professional use

Panoramic, curved screen*

The T34w-20 model offers immersive, 1500R curved panel for improved focus

Multiple panel types

In-plane switching panels provide accurate color reproduction from multiple viewing angles

3-side near edgeless chassis

Enable effective multi-tasking by placing monitors side by side with minimal gap

Incredible detail, high resolution

Experience crystal-clear visuals with high-resolution options up to ultra-HD (3,840 x 2,160)

Impressive color performance

Up to 99% sRGB or 72% NTSC color gamut deliver vibrant and true-to-life colors

USB-C Docking capability for a better desktop eco system*

Reduce desk-clutter, optimize charging of connected devices, improve multi-tasking

Comfortable, ergonomic design

Lift, tilt, pivot and swivel, the monitor stand allows employees to adopt a posture that suits their needs and work style


*for selected models only



Reliable business

Equip workers with reliable, budget-friendly monitors that are still packed with performance and style, ideal for small and medium businesses.

  • Borderless display for greater visibility
  • Slim and compact for smaller spaces
  • Full-HD screen and up to Ultra-HD
  • Versatile connectivity like VGA, HDMI and DP


Mainstream productivity

Provide entry-level functionality with ergonomic design. These comfortable, wide-angle monitors deliver sharp visuals at an affordable price. For use in the office or at home.

  • Affordable with basic features
  • Ergonomic display stand
  • Full-HD
Thinkvision E Series

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