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IT Resource Toolkit

A collection of resources and fresh perspectives on IT security

Why we’re providing these resources

Too often, security is thought of as a cost with little benefit to the organization. We want to help elevate the role of security in every organization, because a comprehensive approach not only reduces risk, but can also have a tremendous benefit to the business.

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“It’s difficult to get the boss’ buy-in...they don’t understand the urgency since there isn’t a problem happening right now.”

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How does one innocent employee mistake bring down an entire company?

A whopping 48% of corporate security breaches originate from employee carelessness. See how ThinkShield helps prevent and contain costly human error.

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How can you ensure every single moment of a device’s lifecycle is secure?

Most businesses use IT personnel as their first line of defense. But what about the times when they’re not working or the places they can’t be?

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Free up your time to innovate

With ThinkShield solutions in place, IT will spend less time setting up, monitoring, and securing devices, and more time implementing breakthrough technology.

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With new cyber threats emerging daily, how can you defend against them all?

Fight against a rapidly growing threat surface with smarter solutions.

Internet of Threats or Internet of Things?

The IoT is revolutionizing entire industries, but also expanding risk. So how can your business reap the benefits without opening itself up to new vulnerabilities?

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Do It Right or Pay the Price

If you choose solutions that aren’t designed to adapt, or try to retrofit protections as a last step, your security spend will go to waste. Hear from Lenovo security lead Thorsten Stremlau on the concept of technical debt and how to avoid it.

Can Security Improve The Employee Experience?

Lenovo security lead Thorsten Stremleau explains the direct correlation between ThinkShield’s improved user experience and profit.

Are You Sure Your New PCs Aren’t Already Infected?

Hackers are trying to compromise PCs before they ever leave the factory. Explore ThinkShield’s comprehensive supply chain protections with Lenovo security expert Thorsten Stremlau.

What Makes ThinkShield a Company’s Best Option?

Instead of telling your company what it needs to stay secure, we take the opposite approach, starting with your challenges and customizing a suite of protections that can adapt over time as your needs change.

It’s Not Sci-Fi Anymore

Lenovo security expert Thorsten Stremlau explores the rapid advancement of biometric security technology.

Additional Resources

ThinkShield and SentinelOne

Lenovo devices with SentinelOne deliver real-time prevention, ActiveEDR, IoT security, and cloud workload protection powered by patented Behavioral AI.

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ThinkShield Passwordless MFA

Go passwordless with a strong enterprise-ready solution and simple integration process.

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End-to-End Protection

ThinkShield safeguards the entire lifecycle of a device, layering protections for holistic and comprehensive security coverage.

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ThinkCentre IoT Nano

The next step in the ongoing digitization of industry is the Internet of Things (IoT) - bringing connectivity and intelligence to a new class of devices.

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Securing Employees Infographic

Lenovo modern devices running Windows 10 Pro give your remote workforce the same advanced security protections they would get at the once.

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Driving Growth Infographic

Security as a driver of business growth.

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Upgrading to Windows 10

Lenovo is here to help you get the most from the enhanced security of Windows 10.

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Intel vPro Infographic

Explore the importance of hardware's role in IT security with Intel® vPro™

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Competitive Advantages

IT leaders do more than protect data. You accelerate progress.

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User Experience

You can trust ThinkShield to provide a secure user experience that safeguards employees without slowing them down.

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Supply Chain Infographic

An overview of ThinkShield's secure and transparent supply chain.

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Security Management

ThinkShield gives IT teams a custom-fitted solution for end-to-end protection and management of the entire fleet — even remotely.

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Security by Design

Almost every component in a PC is susceptible to attack. The Lenovo ThinkShield portfolio is watching all of them

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Staying Agile

You don’t have to play catch-up. ThinkShield keeps IT teams agile and ahead of the game with automated security solutions.

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Security For Growth

See how ThinkShield can help drive revenue for businesses.

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Smarter Security

The ThinkShield portfolio gives your remote workforce the same advanced security protections they would get at the office

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Identity Protection Overview

An overview of ThinkShield’s identity protections.

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Data Protection Overview

An overview of ThinkShield’s data protections.

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Online Protection Overview

An overview of ThinkShield’s online protections.

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Device Protection Overview

An overview of ThinkShield’s device protections.

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Data Center Security Portal

Explore secure Lenovo data center products and solutions.

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Secured-Core PC One Pager

ThinkShield is Lenovo’s security portfolio of hardware, software, services, and processes - fully customizable solutions to secure your critical data and business technology.

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Data Center Infographic

Security is in our DNA.

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IDC Security Whitepaper

Security through the IT supplier life cycle.

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Data Center Whitepaper

World-class security for the data center and beyond.

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Internet of Things Infographic

Take advantage of the next generation of smart devices without opening up new vulnerabilities.

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Staying Agile Infographic

ThinkShield keeps IT teams agile and ahead of the game with layers of built-in platform security with AMD Ryzen™ PRO features and automated security tools that adapt as your business evolves

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From development to disposal, ThinkShield safeguards the entire lifecycle of a device, layering protections for end-to-end security.

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Secured-Core PC

Advanced hardware security and BIOS protection harden endpoints from attack and restore devices to a known good state.

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Let us customize the perfect solution for you

ThinkShield is an enterprise ready portfolio of secure hardware, software, and services, available via consultation with our dedicated sales staff.

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