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New challenges and new opportunities

IT teams are at the epicenter of a massive shift in how and where we work — a change that depends on technology.

The need to align IT operations with your overall organizational strategy has never been greater, and the pressure is on for IT leaders to fill an expanded role with increased expectations for cross-disciplinary focus and strategic thinking.

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Lenovo commissioned a study of more than 500 CIOs across six markets worldwide to find out how CIOs see their evolving role. We’ve compiled an engaging overview of the study results you can review.

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CIOs agree choosing the right technology partner is vital to long-term productivity. Get insights and guidance with key takeaways to consider when optimizing your strategy.

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Enable your hybrid future

Keeping employees engaged and productive in today’s hybrid world is a top priority for IT teams today. And employees expect flexible technology like the ThinkPad X1 Carbon designed on the Intel® Evo™ vPro® platform for an exceptionally thin and light business laptop experience.

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of CIOs find their role more challenging these days. Supporting a hybrid workforce is part of that challenge.

The smarter, safer workplace

Flexibility and safety in the workplace are more important they have ever been. Get Lenovo working for your business, so you can attract and retain talent, unleash creative and collaboration - and meet the needs of your people.

Shorten your team’s time to productivity

Shorten your team’s time to productivity

How can IT help ensure remote employees are up and running quickly and securely? Uncover innovative approaches to hybrid work models.

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Innovation to drive your team to success

Innovation to drive your team to success

Find more ways Lenovo can help your organization securely enable a flexible workforce.

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Power hybrid innovation

Collaboration is the heart of innovation and team productivity. In a hybrid world, smarter collaboration takes specialized solutions that create a superior experience.

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of CIOs are now asked to make business decisions that go far beyond technology, including working with HR and facilities on collaboration solutions.

Break down barriers

Break down barriers

What does collaboration look like in an age of remote workers? In this blog post, we explore how technology unites us for more productive outcomes.

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Smarter collaboration awaits

Smarter collaboration awaits

Lenovo’s complete line of smart collaboration solutions is designed to help your team succeed no matter where they’re working.

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Protect your team and your data everywhere

IT teams today face a vastly different threat landscape than their predecessors, and outdated strategies for protecting data can leave organizations vulnerable.

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of CIOs believe their role is the most critical component of their organization’s business continuity.

Get serious on security

Hybrid working environments are key to the future of business. They also present an opportunity for cyber attacks and security threats. Lenovo delivers new security solutions to meet the needs of the modern workplace and ensure business continuity.

Meet evolving threats

Meet evolving threats

With ransomware on the rise, organizations need bulletproof solutions to prevent productivity disruptions.

Converged security for your flexible workforce

Converged security for your flexible workforce

The ThinkShield security portfolio — powered by the built-for-business Intel vPro® platform — safeguards the entire device lifecycle for comprehensive security coverage.

Add agility to your infrastructure

Add agility to your infrastructure

From hybrid cloud enablement to best-in-class backup and recovery, Lenovo offers multiple ways to make your technology more flexible.

Explore the insights

Review the results of our study of more than 500 CIOs across six markets worldwide in this engaging research report.

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92% of IT leaders are considering adding new as-a-service solutions over the next two years. From the pocket to the cloud, TruScale simplifies your access to all our powerful, flexible solutions — like those highlighted here — all delivered through a scalable as-a-service consumption model.

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At Lenovo, we’re always in pursuit of new solutions to help small businesses meet not only the challenges faced today, but tomorrow and beyond.

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Three keys to thrive for enterprise organizations

Our mission is to power yours. Discover three key ways Lenovo can help your enterprise organization thrive in a rapidly changing landscape.

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IT leaders at every level have a vital role to play in focusing on innovation while equipping enterprises to thrive, wherever and whatever is next. And Lenovo is here to help.

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