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83% of businesses expect most future work to be done remotely, meaning new challenges for you and your team. At Lenovo, we’re always in pursuit of new solutions to meet not only the challenges you face today but tomorrow and beyond. From cybersecurity to innovative ways to increase productivity, Lenovo solutions powered by
Intel® Evo™ vPro® platform are built for what IT needs, and users want.

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A roadmap to success

Change to your business has been rapid. In the last year, between 89 – 94% of businesses like yours have added online operations or have gone completely online. You need to plan today to establish critical technology priorities for the next 12 to 24 months.


Enabling a flexible workforce

Lenovo can help them stay productive, collaborate remotely and ensure organizational security.


Accelerating a modern workplace

Whether you want to scale your business, add stress free automation, or take back some of your precious time, Lenovo has solutions to suit your needs.


Business continuity

Keep your business humming regardless of where they work from. Durable devices, predictive diagnostics and more, we have solutions to minimize downtime.

Do more with ThinkBook Plus

A laptop built from the ground up for modern working. It features dual screens for flexibility and productivity, and an E-ink display with garaged smart pen. Take your office with you with Windows 11 Pro and the ultra-portable and light Lenovo ThinkBook Plus Gen 2 i.

ThinkPad X1 series – elegance refined

Form and function blend seamlessly in the ThinkPad X1 series to create the ultimate laptop. Combining productivity features like a 16:10 screen ratio with built-in security, bigger 16 hour battery and optional 5G connectivity, the ThinkPad X1 series is built to work anywhere.

Work your way

Lenovo Go accessories give your teams innovative and portable work tools that are as flexible as their working arrangements. Noise-cancelling headsets, wireless mice and mobile power banks empower your people to stay productive from anywhere.

Think Clever. ThinkVision

Need the flexibility of another screen? Lenovo ThinkVision monitors are the answer. Connect up to two compatible laptops at once with one simple cable connection. Add a modular webcam for high quality video conferencing and seamlessly transition between workspaces.

Deploy hardware without hard costs

Get the right devices and software in your team’s hands today without the up-front cost. Lenovo Device as a Service (DaaS) is a modern, custom solution that provides hardware, software and services all for one predictable monthly fee.

The intelligent choice

Lenovo Device Intelligence uses proactive device insights and AI-driven predictive analytics to help keep your teams devices running at peak performance. It resolves current and predicted issues to reduce employee downtime and keep your business humming.


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