The Remote Worker’s Guide to Deep Focus and Productivity

The Remote Worker’s Guide to Deep Focus and Productivity

For the self-motivated, remote working is a godsend – offering flexibility, easier access and greater autonomy. But many find themselves caught in a situation where their tech can’t keep up with the rigours and intricacies of modern work. With the right equipment, mobile working is a very attractive reality




Get time on your side

To be successful, remote workers must develop effective time management and organisational skills. Likewise, remote working forces employees to discover how they work best. The ability to manage one’s time effectively, self motivate and adapt and learn new skills offers us a tremendous advantage in today’s increasingly competitive market.

Despite its promise, COVID-19’s seismic shift towards remote working has underscored its challenges.

Working can be challenging, especially when it’s self-motivated. Working from home often presents additional distraction. Yet, untapping the potential of remote work can enrich your approach to your career, allowing you to develop new skills and adapt to an everchanging world.


Find your focus

Most importantly, you need to create an environment where you can focus deeply. This can be especially tricky when studying from home surrounded by what feels like infinite distractions.

Our environment impacts our habits. If you consistently commit to deep work in one room, your mind will associate that place with deep focus, making it easier to get into the right state of mind to be productive.  

If you can remove items that’ll distract you, (like smartphones) even better. ThinkPad X1 ANC headphones are the perfect noise-cancelling audio option, alternatively one could listen to ambient sounds such as rain or white noise while working.

The reason we struggle with focus has a lot to do with internal distractions, too. You might get bored, anxious or even frustrated about the task ahead. Planning out your day prior to engaging is a great antidote to any initial discomfort.

Consider exactly what you’ll work on, how you’ll work on it and what steps you’ll follow.

Having a plan in place makes getting started much easier. Without a plan it’s easy to get mired in a world of distraction.


Choose the right tech to suit you

Perhaps the most important thing, is to ensure your computer or laptop can support your remote working experience.

ThinkBook 16p Gen 2 is ideal for remote work. AI-based noise cancelling technology cuts ambient noise for more efficient communication and collaboration. Three selectable performance modes allow you to optimise the laptop’s performance based on your workload - and creative apps run smoother and more reliably on the laptop’s NVIDIA RTX™ Studio platform.


Focus on productivity: one task at a time

Multitasking has its uses. But if you want to commit to deep, focused work; switching between tasks results in shallow work as the previous task remains in our minds while we focus on the new task, making high performance and effective progress incredibly difficult.

Distractions are everywhere and minimising them can be tricky. Research from HCI suggests that it takes 23 minutes to refocus each time you’re interrupted.

Using the right technology helps minimise distractions. ThinkBook 13x Gen 2 comes with a unique second display which helps focus attention on the task at hand, minimising the impact of emails, notifications and other distractions that hinder productivity.

With the latest processors, the fastest connectivity, and stunning displays, ThinkBook Gen 2 powers through projects.


Preparation is power

Remote working offers the chance to tailor your day to your strengths and truly immerse yourself in the task in a way that isn’t always possible in an office. To really be successful, it’s important to understand your motivation for work. How interested you are in developing a true understanding of your responsibilities can determine your success. While interest can’t be forced, it can be cultivated.


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