Cloud-like flexibility and scalability, on-premises security and control.

A secure, scalable and strategic service.

Lenovo TruScale Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) delivers the power and strategic advantage of the latest datacenter hardware through a pay-as-you-go business model.

It’s flexible and scalable, to meet evolving needs. It’s secure and transparent, with access to infrastructure costs in real time, to eliminate over-provisioning. And it accelerates digital innovation through fully-managed solutions with end-to-end services.

Simplifying complex datacenter management

Simplifying datacenter management and IT provisioning enables IT leaders to meet the demand for more flexible, customizable, and scalable solutions. And it has never been easier, with a no-risk, no-surprise, pay-as-you-go model.

Lenovo’s IaaS model provides a cloud-like experience, so customers leverage the right solutions, at the right time, from pocket to cloud. A pay-as-you-go model with utilization and metering technology allows real-time cost insights, for efficient, predictable budgeting. And on-premises security means control of sensitive data – crucial if there are regulatory compliance or data sovereignty requirements.

Lenovo is a single trusted vendor for technology acquisition, with devices, infrastructure, software and IoT under the TruScale umbrella. This everything-as-a-service solution approach delivers reliable, cutting-edge solutions from a technology world leader.


Konecta Peru

All the advantages of public cloud, without any of the drawbacks.

Konecta Peru is one of the largest full-service Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) and contact center service providers in Peru, with some 1500 remote workers.

To serve an ever-growing client base, the company needed to allocate both human and IT resources dynamically – even during the disruption of COVID-19. To bring the benefits of public cloud to its on-premises data center, Konecta Peru hosted its new virtual desktop infrastructure solution on Lenovo TruScale Infrastructure Services.

“Lenovo TruScale Infrastructure Services gives us all the key advantages of the public cloud without any of the drawbacks, and with the best experience…we can respond to business needs quickly, easily, without worrying about infrastructure.”

Carlos Rafael Alayo Velasquez, IT Director at Konecta Peru

Get the facts on Lenovo TruScale IaaS

Lenovo TruScale IaaS gives your business the power and strategic advantage of the latest datacenter hardware. The pay-as-you-go business model means you can easily scale without incremental capital investments.


Hardware installation, deployment, and removal


Implement best-practices deployment


Continuous monitoring & proactive management


Comprehensive Customer Portal


Utilization metering, billing on consumption


Quarterly Business Reviews, Support Plan


Health review & updates, as per customer schedule


Dedicated Customer Success Manager

Lenovo TruScale IaaS with Intel On Demand: Right-sized, all of the time.

Lenovo TruScale IaaS with Intel On Demand means processors can be configured to match workloads without the need to order or install additional ones. The result is effortless power compute capacity expansion on processor core and memory level, and payment only for the capacity consumed.


Flexible and scalable

Scale compute resources on- demand to keep up with business requirements.



On-premises, behind firewall and with existing security controls.


Fully managed

End-to-end services, including installation, deployment, configuration, 24/7 monitoring, and service desk administration.


Partner-led solution

Powered by Intel® industry leading technology, enabled by Lenovo’s proven and secure infrastructure.

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