Lenovo Workstations: Engineered for Education
Portable, powerful, and with security as standard – Lenovo Workstations are purpose-built to unlock every student’s potential.

Lenovo delivers built-for-education solutions designed to enable safe, accessible learning for all.

We empower teachers and learners with rugged, secure, manageable devices and engaging content to spark imagination and discovery in any learning environment. And we accelerate an exciting future with continuous innovation that anticipates and meets tomorrow’s challenges.

Why Lenovo Workstations for education?

As the emphasis on STEAM subjects grows, so does the need for technology that can handle their demanding workloads. Lenovo Workstations have the power and performance needed to run these complex workflows at scale – without compromising on efficiency.

Empower the leaders of tomorrow

Students want to enter their chosen careers experienced in using industry-specific hardware and software. Lenovo Workstations give every learner the chance to design, create, and collaborate on professional devices – building solid learning foundations that will empower them in their future workplaces.

Why Lenovo Workstations for Education

Lenovo Workstations – #1 for reliability and quality

Five reasons that make Lenovo Workstations top-of-the-class

Lenovo Workstation Diagnostics

Get expert easy-to-follow guidance, advice, and troubleshooting tips on one handy app.

Innovative design features

Update, upgrade or replace internal components instantly and without the need for tools – the modular design makes changes a breeze.

Lenovo Performance Tuner

Adjust system resources and direct power where it’s needed to eliminate interruptions, prevent bottlenecks, and keep systems running.

Proven reliability

Enjoy industry-leading reliability at an affordable price with a 21.4% lower repair rate than leading competitors.

Customer Solutions Team

Get real help from real people when you need it most, with agents on hand 24/7 to offer expert help and guidance.

Workstations for engineering students

Engineering students need hardware quick enough to keep up with their ideas. That means powerful processors, the best graphics cards, and the capacity to multitask with ease.

Design and build

Draft 2D and 3D models using predictive AutoCAD® software. Use Grasshopper® to integrate intelligent data sets into the design process. And see how real-time, real-world contextual information can save time and money during development with Esri® powerful analytic programs.

Design and build
Visualise the process

Visualise the process

Bring projects to life with Unreal Engine® – the world’s most advanced creation tool. Add clarity and insight to your design critiques and evaluations with Lumion® immersive rendering software. And use lightning-fast interactive production tools from V-Ray® to visualise your ideas from start to finish.

ThinkPad P1
ThinkPad P1

Powerful and portable – get all the performance of a desktop workstation, but on the go.

  • Premium user experience with Dolby Atmos® sound and Dolby Vision®
  • Features the latest Intel vPro® with 12th Gen Intel® Core™ i9 processors
  • MIL-SPEC tested for market-leading durability and reliability
  • Up to NVIDIA RTX™ A5500 GPU
ThinkStation P360 Ultra with Headphones
ThinkStation P360 Ultra

Ultrasmall. Ultrapowerful. Ultraperformance.

  • Industry-first 3.9-liter chassis powered by 12th Gen Intel® Core™ processors
  • Fast-tracked creativity with NVIDIA® professional graphics
  • Superfast memory & PCIe storage
  • Flexible configurations & support for 8 independent displays
  • ISV-certified for industry-leading applications to meet demanding workflows
  • Ideal for engineers, designers, medical personnel, & financiers

Workstations for arts and design students

Not all devices are made for graphic design – so students must choose the right hardware to transform their visions into reality.

Designed for designers

Get a full browser-based portfolio of integrated apps to take designs to the next level with CATIA®. Use Siemens’ SolidEdge® CAD software to rapidly create new concepts, make changes and quickly develop realistic 3D digital prototypes. And learn industry best practices with the help of PTC Creo®.

Designed for designers
Multi-physics and visualization

Multi-physics and visualization

Get practical, hands-on design experience using Ansys® simulation tools to complement theoretical textbook studies. Create amazing visuals of 3D models with powerful rendering and animation software from KeyShot®. And virtually prototype at any point in the design process with MSC Nastran®.

ThinkPad P14s

The perfect balance between power and mobility – allowing designers to be creative anytime, anywhere.

  • Up to Intel vPro® with 12th Gen Intel Core i7 processor
  • All-new updated NVIDIA Turing-based graphics
  • Immersive A/V experience with Dolby® Audio Premium sound
  • All-day battery with 39.3 or 52.5 Wh capacity and rapid charge technology
ThinkPad P14s

Bring a sharper focus to any class

For students, it can be challenging to remain focused, no matter where they’re learning, whatever level they’re studying. Students need screens that are comfortable to focus on, which don’t add clutter to their workspace thanks to a single USB C connection. And, for lessons involving complex imagery and big data processing, students need a high-resolution display with a robust and secure port connectivity.

Learn more about why you should choose ThinkVision for your students. 

ThinkVision P24h-30
ThinkVision P24h-30 Monitor

Perfect for high performers and multitaskers, the Lenovo ThinkVision P24h-30 Monitor is simply brilliant any which way you look at it.

  • 23.8" QHD (2560 x 1440) 3-side Near-edgeless display
  • Full Docking with USB C (PD up to 100W) and RJ45
  • 99% sRGB with factory calibrated accuracy
  • Daisy chain capability
  • Eye-caring display with Natural Low Blue Light
  • Ergonomic stand
ThinkVision P27h-30
ThinkVision P27h-30

Perfect for high performers and multitaskers, the Lenovo ThinkVision P27h-30 Monitor is simply brilliant any which way you look at it.

  • 27.0" QHD (2560 x 1440) 3-side Near-edgeless display
  • Full Docking with USB C (PD up to 100W) and RJ45
  • 99% sRGB with factory calibrated accuracy
  • Daisy chain capability
  • Eye-caring display with Natural Low Blue Light
  • Ergonomic stand

Building Solid learning foundations for the future

Think of them as the most useful item in your students’ tool belts. Workstations power student learning, exploration, and discovery. That’s why it’s essential to select digital solutions that are powerful, engaging, easy to use and built for productivity wherever learning takes place.

Demanding workflows
Meet the demanding workflows of engineering students

4 computing essentials for both academic and hybrid office campuses.

4 aspects to consider
4 aspects to consider when choosing high-performance workstations

Consider these four points that will help ensure your faculty and students have a seamless and more efficient experience.

Right graphics card
The right graphics card makes all the difference

Not all graphics cards are created equal, and depending on your specific independent software vendor (ISV) use cases, some cards may provide better performance than others.

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