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Family brochure

Lenovo's device multipliers ranging from docks to input devices and visuals, help employees to do more in less time and enable users with different job roles to extract the full potential of their devices, thereby boosting productivity.

For Mobile Users

Lenovo's modern devices are light, durable, powerful, secure, and agile. A wide range of device multipliers expand system capabilities for mobile users with USB-A, USB-C,
and Thunderbolt™ 3 ports that boost on-the-go productivity.


For Non-mobile Users

For multitasking non-mobile users, innovative accessories and monitors with better connectivity and flexibility play an important role in maximizing productivity. The Wireless Keyboard and Mouse Combo, I/O Expansion Box, DVD Burner Drive Kit, and Tiny-in-One Monitor Stand enable a superior computing experience.


For Advanced Users

Extreme performance is a primary requirement for advanced users, who work with sophisticated productivity tools. Designed for Lenovo's cutting-edge workstations coupled with device multipliers like ThinkPad docking solutions and ThinkVision P Series monitors deliver professional-level performance.



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