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An obsession for building high-performance machines has brought us together. Aston Martin’s design team focuses on the smallest details to deliver a unique customer experience. Lenovo provides powerful, flexible solutions for creating designs of the highest quality, using extreme computing performance and outstanding graphics only available from NVIDIA® RTX™ GPUs.


Engaging the
Aston Martin heritage


Aston Martin has built its reputation on a commitment to quality at the finest detail. Working with exceptional materials and bringing expert craftsmanship to the handmade elements of their design, each car is finished to an uncompromising standard. Lenovo Workstations support Aston Martin’s design team from the first sketch, through modeling and simulations to outstanding customer experiences.

Workstations in action

We take you behind the scenes of Aston Martin’s design team, providing a range of material to demonstrate how Lenovo Workstations, powered by NVIDIA professional GPUs, have created new efficiencies for the product design workflow. Discover how reliable, flexible and high-performance technology can save on development costs and turbocharge speed to market.

Driven by smart design

High-performance machines

Lenovo Workstations run design tasks 30% faster than high-performance PCs1

Reliable, cutting-edge technology

Lenovo Workstation PCs are #1 in terms of reliability2

Global support and expertise

End-to-end solutions and more than 35 years’ experience

1 Independent benchmark tests. Workstation vs PC: In the Race to Meet Design Deadlines, Which Option Wins? Cadalyst.

2 PC Reliability Study Workstation Overview Jan. 18, 2019


Exploring the details of design

Discover how Lenovo’s smarter technologies are designed for the demanding requirements of Aston Martin’s design team. Check out the below and get a behind-the-scenes insight into the design processes of one of the world’s most recognizable, premium car manufacturers.


Elements of Innovation

Smarter design leads to impressive, high-performance engineering. In this point-of-view paper, we discuss how design engineers rely on innovative technology to drive workflow efficiency.



Driving New Experiences

Lenovo Workstations are instrumental to the product design process at Aston Martin. This eBook provides detailed information on the benefits of Lenovo’s high-performance machines and how Aston Martin blends innovative virtual designs with a traditional, handcrafted approach.



Experience Real Power

Get a closer look at the world of Aston Martin, demonstrating the practical application of Lenovo’s flexible and reliable workstations at every turn.



Supercharged Design

Speed to market is a key competitive advantage. Our infographic provides statistics and little-known facts on how Aston Martin race through development, without compromising on quality.




Driving Continued Productivity

Learn how Aston Martin is continuing to achieve productivity during the pandemic with reliable Lenovo Workstations.


Solving Smart Workflow

Explore the flexible configurations that inspire excellence at every stage of development. Read about the use cases for Lenovo’s range of high-performance computers with lightning fast graphics.


Unlock Flexible Working

Hear from the experts. Professionals from Aston Martin and Lenovo discuss how to maintain high standards of performance and productivity whilst working remotely.

Smarter Tech in action_1

Solving Business Challenges

Learn how Aston Martin leverages the ThinkStation P620, powered by NVIDIA RTX A6000, and the latest Varjo XR-3 HMD to solve business challenges with ProVR and XR.

Smarter Tech in action_2

Exploring ProVR and XR Solutions

See how Aston Martin is exploring new bleeding edge mixed reality technologies and experience their high-performance DBX in human-eye resolution VR and XR.


NVIDIA RTX-powered workstations deliver state-of-the-art performance, scalability, and reliability that fundamentally transforms how designers and artists tackle today’s most demanding professional workflows. Render photorealistic scenes in real time for faster product innovation and design reviews.

Eliminate tedious, repetitive tasks from AI-augmented tools and applications. Enjoy smooth, fluid interactivity with large, complex models and scenes, and create stunning VR interactive environments to identify design flaws earlier in the process. Accelerate the future of design with NVIDIA RTX.


Powerful, mobile workstations

Lenovo ThinkPad P Series workstation laptops offer impressive power and high-performance computing on a portable device, enabling reliable collaboration in a work-from-anywhere world.


High-performance desktops

Lenovo ThinkStation desktops are true workhorses. Impressive performance is delivered by NVIDIA RTX graphics in dual and single processor systems. The modular design makes upgrades easy, putting reliable power at your fingertips.


Lenovo and Aston Martin are committed to the smarter pursuit of perfection. Discover new efficiencies and outstanding design, making innovative use of cutting-edge technology. Get in touch for more information.

Smarter creates the future

Push the limits of productivity, creativity, and innovation with Lenovo Workstations.