Big Data, Big Insights

Harnessing the Power of Big Data

As data and the ability to analyze it increases, manufacturers must equip employees with powerful devices that enable data visualization and deliver actionable insights. From manufacturing processes to the behavior of repeat customers - manufacturers are gaining information from big data that helps deliver higher quality products more efficiently.

Benefits of Big Data

Big data analysis can be a huge competitive advantage only if the right insights have been mined at the right time for effective decision making. PCs can make a huge difference in the ease and speed that big data is turned into actionable insights. Some major benefits include:

  • Understanding Target Customers - Manufacturers who target their customers accurately and respond quickly to their changing requirements will be successful at acquiring and retaining them.
  • Optimizing Business Processes - Whether it's studying talent acquisition, supply chain logistics or channel partner inventory, big data analysis is fueling how people and assets are organized and deployed.
  • Improving Quality Assurance - Zeroing in on the types and depth of failure points will drive engineering changes that will positively impact production processes, product quality and the bottom-line.

Business Grade PCs for Manufacturers

Today’s workforce has only one speed: fast. Some Lenovo systems include Intel® Optane memory; a cost-effective way to achieve HDD capacity with SSD-like speeds. Every day, end users interact with their PCs hundreds of times. Different jobs mean different performance needs. Optane memory delivers personalized productivity advantages by remembering and accelerating the applications and tasks used most often by individual users. This can lead to more time delivering value to prospects and customers.

Designed for people such as data scientists and CAD professionals, workstations can enable a range of design, research, testing and market analysis capabilities for manufacturers. For these users, consider the following...

Acquiring new workstations: ideally running Windows 10 Pro for Workstations, which now supports devices with up to 4 CPUs. These machines provide an enormous amount of power to run advanced workloads, especially those with high performance configurations including server-grade Intel® Xeon processors, NVIDIA Quadro® graphics, and huge amounts of memory. Lenovo's workstations feature a unique design and Tri-Channel cooling layout that improves reliability and enables more storage drives, graphics cards and processing options to be configured.

Displays with the right specs: many data scientists and CAD professionals multitask with other applications, and will therefore use 2 or more displays. But don't just focus on the size and resolution; look at the pixel response time (which makes animations appear smoother), contrast ratio (how 'sharp' images will look) and colour gamut (how many colours it can display). Consider also ergonomic factors; the simple tilt and pivot adjustment of most displays might not be good enough; instead you can mount on an extendable arm, which allows a greater degree of control over both angle and height

ISV certifications: for higher performance and reliability, they provide assurance that a workstation and its various components work seamlessly with leading industry applications. It means that the workstation has been thoroughly tested with a particular software application. In some cases certain software features are locked and unavailable unless running on an ISV certified device.

Big Data, Big Insights

Data is the new science. Big Data holds the answers.

Pat Gelsinger, CEO VMware


  • Lenovo's workstations can be configured and scaled to support the needs of businesses running data analytics on-premise or CAD designers. Their unique design and Tri-Channel cooling improves reliability and makes more configuration options possible.
  • For displays used by data scientists and CAD professionals, don't just focus on the size and resolution; Lenovo offers a range of displays with high contrast ratio and colour gamut.
  • ISV certified Lenovo workstations are thoroughly tested to ensure that they work seamlessly with leading industry applications.