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Great Resignation

How will organizations respond when
The Great Resignation slows?


What caused The Great Resignation?

Coined by Professor Anthony Klotz, the term “The Great Resignation” refers to the unusually high numbers of people leaving their jobs voluntarily since 2021. Generation Z has led the mass exodus, citing lack of job satisfaction and work-life balance. 1

More than half of Gen Z workers plan to seek a new job within the next year.1 The cost to companies replacing them ranges from 50%–200% of each worker’s annual salary.2 It’s long past time for employers and IT professionals to address the concerns of the younger, mobile-first workers who will soon, along with Millennials, represent the majority of the workforce.

74% of the workforce will be Millennials and Gen Z by 2030.3

What matters to the new-generation workforce?

According to Klotz, The Great Resignation will begin to slow as companies start to offer more flexibility for workers.4 This flexibility includes fundamental changes to company culture, which has proven to be the most important factor in retaining employees.4

In fact, culture was 10.4 times more predictive than compensation in company attrition rates during The Great Resignation.5 49% of Millennials and Gen Z workers said they would quit their job if their employers didn’t offer flexible work options.6

For forward-looking companies, this is an opportunity restructure their organizations to match the needs of the next-generation workforce and attract the most talented workers.

Technology will deliver competitive advantages

The devices IT teams offer users should support both work and life. They should embrace work-from-anywhere culture changes with connectivity, productivity, and security as priorities. Two-thirds of Millennials and Generation Z workers say that freedom of choice in devices is among their top priorities.7 This might not be the case if the devices their companies offered met their needs.

It’s important to offer employees a broad range of laptops, tablets, and workstations. Modern devices like the Lenovo ThinkPad® Z Series, running Windows 11 Pro with business-ready AMD Ryzen PRO 6000 Series processors, was created for your new generation of users.

The ThinkPad Z Series makes supporting flexible work a breeze with all-day battery life, immersive collaboration features, and intrinsic security.

A commitment to sustainability

Support must also extend beyond the specs of the devices. Sustainability has emerged as a differentiator in attracting and retaining employees. 28% of Generation Z employees consider sustainability issues to be their top concern.8 Seven in 10 Millennials say sustainability affects how long they stay at a company.9

Now is the time to reflect on how your fleet and services will attract and retain a next-generation workforce, setting up your organization for success in the decades to come.

How will you stand out?

The Lenovo ThinkPad Z Series is designed for today’s professional creators and innovators — helping them work from anywhere, collaborate with ease, and support your users’ vision of work without compromises.