Work anywhere, protect everywhere

Work anywhere, protect everywhere

Data, devices and people – three critical elements of any organization. And all of them under threat from rising cyber-crime.



How to protect them? Well, until quite recently, your users were corralled on the corporate network, behind a firewall. Your servers were on-premises, so you controlled where your data lived. And very few of your employees worked remotely.

That kind of siege mentality may have felt safe, but it also felt stifling. It limited innovation. And it limited growth.

Today, of course, your network is wherever your users are – and that could be another town, or another continent. Smart devices and technologies have enhanced collaboration and communication, enabling new ways of doing business.

A freshly-hybrid workforce has fully embraced the freedoms of flexible working. And savvy employers know that boosting employee satisfaction is a sure way to boost productivity.


Work anywhere. Protect everywhere

But as well as technology that aids performance, it's equally important to have the tools to secure the anywhere and everywhere workplace.

Cyber-attacks are becoming more frequent and sophisticated. As Chris Boyd, senior threat researcher at Malwarebytes, commented about one particular class of threat:

“The shift away from so-called ‘big-game’ targets to smaller entities…could spell trouble for SMEs, as ransomware groups redouble their efforts on organizations which may not have the security budget to withstand sustained, aggressive attacks.”1

When threats are all around you need innovative cybersecurity solutions that shield you from every angle – on the device and beyond – to secure your identity, data and online activity.


Windows 11 delivers powerful protection from chip to cloud

In Windows 11, hardware and software security work together to help keep your users, data, and devices protected.

It protects the operating system (OS) against unauthorized access to critical data, and at the same time, delivers robust application security, keeping users and information secure.

Windows 11 also protects user identities with password-less security, and extends security to the cloud to help safeguard devices, data, apps, and identities from anywhere.

Advanced privacy controls give you more transparency and control over your data. And this latest version of Windows works with Microsoft cloud services to help you strengthen your multi-cloud security infrastructure.

That means protecting hybrid cloud workloads, and safeguarding sensitive information while controlling access and mitigating threats.  


Start getting the benefit of Windows 11

You can use your existing tools to implement deployments, simplify processes, and accelerate velocity. And because Windows 11 can be managed alongside Windows 10 with the same tools, it’s easy to upgrade to new Windows 11 PCs as you refresh devices.

If those PCs come from Lenovo, they already have another powerful layer of protection already built in.


ThinkShield: end-to-end security

At Lenovo, security begins with design and continues through supply chain, delivery, and the full lifecycle of the device. Our priority is protecting your business with each Lenovo product, from development through disposal.

ThinkShield is a customizable security platform, offering OS-to-Cloud, Below OS, and SupplyChain protection in a range of versions – from ThinkShield Complete to ThinkShield Advanced.

From Ransomware protection through to Zero-Trust Supply Chain Services, Lenovo ThinkShield keeps your hybrid and remote workforce safe, wherever work takes them.

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The hybrid future has set the scene perfectly for the winning combination of Windows 11 and ThinkShield.

You can find out more now by watching our webinar on demand. Experts from Lenovo and Microsoft are on hand to cover the latest on why upgrading to Windows 11 and employing ThinkShield is the smarter way forward we have all been looking for.


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