Digital learning solutions for higher education
Lenovo has the integrated technology to support hybrid classrooms, virtual learning and your #1 priority.
i3i5i7 Intel Core Processors
i3i5i7 Intel Core Processors

With a team of experts focused purely on higher education, we are your long-term partner for complete device, software, and service solutions.

Our end-to-end services ensure a streamlined implementation and a secure, dynamic environment for collaborative learning. Everything is designed to maximise each student’s potential.

Students expect to use devices more in the future

These days higher education looks, sounds, and feels different.

At Lenovo, we’ve long believed that learning isn’t limited to a single room or place. That’s why we’re helping university staff adapt to a blended learning approach, so they can continue to meet the highest standards in education through a mix of online and in-person teaching. And as students embrace learning from anywhere, we have the high-powered devices they need to support their studies.

Lenovo education solutions are designed to help universities:

  • Deliver hybrid learning experiences
  • Get the very best out of their technology budgets
  • Ensure secure access and data protection

Simple steps to support your journey

Our education specialists are always on hand to offer tailored advice, training, and technical support.

Assess your needs

Talk with our team about your university’s specific challenges and requirements

Choose your solutions

From laptop and tablet devices to secure remote classroom technology like LanSchool

Help with installation

We can provide onsite assistance to get you up and running quickly

Training for your staff

Online training is available for teaching staff to learn about new features and capabilities

Dedicated support

Fast, frustration-free technical support to keep your technology fully functional

Easy upgrades

Take advantage of new innovations with a simple hardware upgrade process

Paving the way for Smarter education

Get a glimpse into the future of education with our new, interactive tool. Take a look around, discover what’s possible, and learn how you can transform your environment with end-to-end solutions and services designed to help you meet the changing needs of students, educators, and researchers.

Paving the way for Smarter education
Seamless classroom -to-hybrid learning

Seamless classroom -to-hybrid learning

Smarter education starts with secure connectivity, seamless collaboration, and powerful performance. New AI capabilities ensure that your students are kept safe wherever they’re learning.

Master hands-on  learning and creativity

Master hands-on learning and creativity

Institutions need to support a more hands-on way of working, whether that’s in the lab or the library. One example, is with powerful workstations. You can get the tools you need for a smarter digital learning space.

Solutions suited  to every student

Solutions suited to every student

Everyone’s different. Educators have different teaching styles and students have different ways of learning. Discover adaptable solutions to improve the learning experience for everyone involved.

Resilient infrastructures  for enhanced security

Resilient infrastructures for enhanced security

The demand on IT infrastructure is only increasing. Which is why you need solutions from a partner that can cope with data growth, online learning, and evolving security threats.

Lenovo innovation for higher education

Taking learning to a new level with immersive new experiences

Lenovo VR Classroom
Lenovo VR Classroom

A complete ready-to-go VR experience that will transform the way you deliver STEM content to your students to enhance their learning.

Hybrid classroom
Hybrid classroom

We offer technologies from Microsoft and Google for easy collaboration, whether learning remotely or onsite.

Esports solutions
Esports solutions

Build your esports programme with everything your students need to connect and compete.


Smarter digital safety for your students and network with cloud-based, AI-driven real-time protection for all.

How Lenovo powers digital education

Explore Windows Devices
Explore Windows Devices
Reimagine learning with Windows

Your #1 priority is ensuring that every student is in the best position to succeed. Microsoft software empowers students and educators to learn effectively and collaboratively - wherever they’re based - with a Lenovo device.

Our Chromebooks family
Our Chromebooks family
Flexible, robust, and secure. That’s Chromebook.

Our Chromebooks are built to give students the best chance of success. With long-lasting batteries, built-in security, and rugged design, they handle the stresses of every day with ease.

Support and assistance when you need it

Lenovo offers a range of support services to protect and maintain your digital learning environment

Premier support
Premier support

Resolve PC support and protection issues with the convenience of a single point of contact

Device tracking
Device tracking

Reduce the risk of devices getting lost or stolen with flexible asset tagging options

Online data backup
Online data backup

Backing up data can be complex, but you can make it easier with Pooled Storage

Premium care
Premium care

Stress-free services that exceed customer expectations

Bett 2024 Tablet Corner
Accidental damage protection

Classrooms are hectic environments. Standard warranties don’t cover accidental damage. With Accidental Damage Protection, you can protect against the unexpected.

Lenovo Workstations for higher education

Today’s students want to start their chosen careers with confidence knowing they have experience in industry-specific hardware and software. Lenovo Workstations give everyone the chance to design, create, and collaborate to a professional standard—building solid learning foundations that will empower students long after they graduate. 

Discover Workstations
Taking action on the green agenda

Taking action on the green agenda

See what students expect from universities on the environment and how we can shape a sustainable future together.

Smart classrooms for smarter learning

Roma Tre embraces virtual lessons
Roma Tre embraces virtual lessons

Using Lenovo technology, staff can stream their lessons and engage with students via Microsoft Teams.

UNIMORE students make the most of every second
UNIMORE students make the most of every second

See how high-spec laptops have enriched the learning experience at this university’s state-of-the-art language labs.

Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology benefits from auto-positioning
Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology benefit from auto-positioning

Using Lenovo Ready to Provision custom pre-load and Microsoft Windows Autopilot, the IT team saves weeks of work each year.

Managing carbon footprints with tangible outcomes
Managing carbon footprints with tangible outcomes

How Lenovo CO2 Offset Services are helping the University of Birmingham make IT more sustainable.

Why choose Lenovo?

4 reasons to put Lenovo at the top of your list

ThinkShield security

A unique approach that covers every component and every supplier

Smart solutions

Create collaborative and connected environments, with practical solutions for hybrid learning

Environmental commitment

Supporting your green ambitions with sustainable packaging and reduced emissions

Customised infrastructure

Learn about our data-centred approach to end-to-end solutions and services at any scale.

Get in touch

Speak to one of our education specialists for advice. Or if you’re ready to buy, find your local Lenovo dealer.