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While it’s encouraging to read that nine out of ten teachers say they’ve improved their tech skills since 2020, over half of educators we spoke to aren’t happy with their edtech training. They feel it needs to be faster, more practical and better support their professional development. 

It’s something we want to put right. It’s something we’re changing with Lenovo Edtech Consulting. 

Teaching the teachers

As a trusted education training partner we’ve seen first-hand how harmful a digital skills gap can be. Educators can sometimes feel ill-equipped to deal with new tech. Or that their knowledge doesn’t reflect what students are going through outside the classroom.

Which is why, alongside Tablet Academy, we take a practical approach to get teachers up to speed. Talking to you, your teachers and support staff, we start by getting a better understanding of your current situation and where you want to be. Then looking at how we can help you get there.

We know the path to any successful future starts with simple steps. Let us show you which ones to take.

Teaching the teachers

Did you know?


Of UK educators are unhappy with the quality of their edtech training


Of teachers are trained in ICT skills specifically for learning


Of educators have reported experiencing ‘tech fatigue’

What do we need to do?

We believe there are four key factors in supporting educators so they can learn how to use effective technology for enhanced teaching.

Positive Tech
Positive technology attitudes

Being more engaged about what’s going on can drive more effective integration of ICT into teaching. Giving them better and more valuable support, in turn gives them better insights into ICT adoption and integration in teaching and learning.

Successful teacher development
Effective skills development

With practical, customised, and continuous training, skills can not only be kept up to date but also enhanced for the latest changes ahead. 

Supportive school culture

Having the support of senior school leaders is essential for successful technology integration. They play a pivotal role in getting necessary equipment and infrastructure into classrooms.

laptop and lady
Teacher self-efficiency

A teacher’s sense of success and confidence in technology integration is crucial. Ensuring they are self-efficient significantly influences their professional development and wellbeing.

Choosing the right steps

Lenovo and Tablet Academy provide multiple solutions aimed to support your staff and school. From helping to plan cloud adoption and technical infrastructure to providing in-person or virtual training sessions for staff and boost their confidence you can choose the right solution for you.

Digital Strategy
Digital Strategy

Our Digital Strategy package aims to support your institution by evaluating your current position and priorities. We will then work with you to provide a strategic technology plan including: cloud adoption, technical infrastructure, hardware, software, learning spaces, business processes and professional development for staff. This service is also available combined with the Digital Skills package.

digital skills
Digital Skills

The Digital Skills package is designed to assess the confidence and capabilities of end-users within either Microsoft 365 or Google Workspace for your school or institution. Following a survey and presentation of results, a professional development plan will be provided to support your end-users within their role. This service is also available combined with the Digital Strategy package.

End-user Training
End-user Training

Support your staff with end-user training. Following an initial conversation, a consultant will provide a training session, including live demons, to your end-users. This can be done remotely which can be 1.5 – 6 hours or in-person which can be 3 – 6 hours. The method of delivery and length of time will be agreed in the initial conversation.

Highlights from BETT 2024

Achieving Digital Transformation
Achieving digital change

Looking beyond the technology to achieve effective digital transformation

At Lenovo College's Open Day during Bett 2024, Mark Yorke and Rasmus Borsch from Lenovo hosted a podcast session to discuss the partnership between TA and Lenovo, the importance of professional development and why Lenovo have entered Edtech consulting together with TA. Get to know what effective Professional Development is and how TA delivers this globally through its franchise network. Listen to the podcast for an inspiring discussion.

Managing Change When Moving Your School Towards A New Digital Era
Effective digital strategies

Managing change when moving your school towards a new digital era

Explore education leadership with Tablet Academy's Phil Burney and Lenovo's Rasmus Borsch in this insightful podcast, including:

  • How to craft effective digital strategies for schools, from infrastructure to educator training
  • Discover the significance of sponsorship, coalition-building, and clear communication in driving successful technology integration
  • Gain practical tips for navigating digital transformation and maximising technology's impact on student learning
  • Tune in for expert advice on revolutionising education through strategic partnerships and visionary leadership.
Classroom Realities - Effective Professional Development For Teachers
Empowering educators

Classroom realities - effective Professional Development for teachers

Steve Molyneux, Professor of Emeritus in Advanced Learning Technologies, and Samantha O'Leary, Head of Training at TA Education, discuss the vital role of professional development (PD) for educators and the shift from basic digital skills to competencies for effective teaching. They advocate for seamless integration of technology into teaching, stressing the importance of pedagogical depth and meaningful professional development to prepare students for the digital era.


Improve confidence

Professional development not only increases teacher efficiency, it also positively impacts student achievement.

Get easier access to information

Better digital skills can make it faster to find information, allowing educators to assist more students.

Prepare students for work

Digitally literate teachers pass their skills to students, preparing them for the modern world of work.

Deliver excellent education – everywhere

Reliable tech and digital skills help teachers stay in control in the classroom and remotely

Remove unnecessary distractions

Teachers who know where distractions come from, can make sure the necessary device limitations and software capabilities are in place.

Help every child reach their full potential

Students can rely on teachers for correct, suitable advice and support to create, calculate, and collaborate on schoolwork.


“Our vision is for every student to be able to be equipped for the world of work, to be confident using their digital tools, and for our teachers to be able to collaborate on content and teach really, really engaging lessons”

Catherine Wells, Assistant Teacher, Bishop Ramsey

How Lenovo powers digital education

Discover Intel
Discover Intel® Skills for Innovation

Empower the next generation of innovators with the Skills for Innovation initiative by Intel® and Lenovo to support students today for the tech-driven workforce of the future.

Secure reliable tech
Secure, reliable tech for students and teachers

From devices to services, online learning to classroom activities, we enable safe, accessible learning that sparks imagination. Wherever teaching takes place.

Secure reliable tech
What we offer and how we offer it

Need strong, durable devices that your students can take between the classroom and home? Or a classroom management solution that makes teaching and learning easier? Whatever you need, our products and software can help.

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