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We’re all in this together

We want you to know that Lenovo is waiting to help you and your team with PC support and technical assistance, as we adjust to the new challenges that come with swift remote work transitions.

Maximize your productivity from home with Lenovo Services

Lenovo offers solutions that are designed for the modern workplace and the requirements we face today. They are about flexibility and efficiency, supporting you to make the most out of your time and protecting the investment you made in your devices.


Higher Productivity


Increased Uptime


Cost Efficiency


Security & Protection

The advanced support solution for business

More than a standard support offering, Premier Support helps with issues remote employees are bound to encounter. Increase your remote workforce* productivity with a single point of contact for advanced technical support, end-to-end case management, and first-time resolutions.

Lenovo’s advanced technicians are ready to help with the things your people need to keep working:

  • Help with setup
  • Answers to hardware and software queries
  • Parts and labor prioritization
  • End-to-end case management
  • First time resolutions

* Also available for home end-users that own Think devices.

Premier Support gives you direct 24x7x365 access to our most elite technicians who listen first, then deliver advanced troubleshooting - no scripts here


Advanced Technicians


Fast Unscripted Solutions


Support for Hardware and Software


Dedicated Phone Number

For more information on how Premier Support can help your business, please contact your Lenovo Representative or one of our trusted Business Partners.

Straight-to-the-experts support for your home PC

Whether you need setup advice, a quick fix for your internet connection or help to add a printer, Lenovo Premium Care has your back.

Besides offering the highest level of hardware support* and making sure you have ‘how-to’ assistance on-demand, our team is always ready to answer questions about the software applications you use every day.

Lenovo’s team of friendly, helpful technicians are here with the support you need to get the best out of your device:

  • 24/7 support through phone, email, and chat
  • ‘Getting started’ and ‘how-to’ assistance
  • Hardware and software assistance
  • Real-time solutions on your first contact

* Also available for SMBs that have non-Think devices in their fleet.

Premium Care gives you peace of mind with any issues related to your Lenovo device, peripherals, and even software


Advanced Technicians


Fast Unscripted Solutions


Support for Hardware and Software


Dedicated Phone Number

Accidental Damage Protection (ADP)

We all know the drill: spilt wine, spilt milk or an accidental fall and crash situation - the unexpected is bound to happen, even to exceptionally engineered PCs.

With a small upfront investment, you can get full protection against non-warranty damage:

  • Minimize downtime, maximize convenience
  • Predictable budget: avoid unexpected repair costs
  • Significant savings compared to device repair or replacement
  • IT departments don’t need to purchase and manage spare inventory

Protect your PC from the unexpected with coverage for non-warranty damages




LCD Cracks


Electrical Surges

Lenovo’s ThinkShield security portfolio

ThinkShield brings together the world’s most trusted security providers to customize a solution that can keep you ahead of dangerous breaches. Adding an additional layer of protection when working outside of the “protected walls” of the office can prevent unintended data breaches from unsecured devices.


To help IT security teams better secure and manage endpoints, Lenovo offers an AI-powered ActiveEDR solution capable of combating attacks to devices whether they are on or off the network – at no additional cost

Now through July 1 - Get SentinelOne CORE and rapid deployment services free of charge.



Keep remote workers productive and secure with uninterrupted access to your corporate networks.

Absolute makes endpoint security resilient. Fortify your organization’s security posture with a persistent, self-healing connection to all your endpoints.


Find out more about our services and learn how Lenovo can help you, your staff and your organization


Contact your Lenovo Representative and learn how Lenovo Services can add value to your business.

Remote working with Lenovo products and solutions

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