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Productivity: 8 ways tech is defining it

Tech has always been a great enabler and now so more than ever. Helping us get things done so quickly and seamlessly that we are now being held back only by the limits of our own imagination and motivation, technology is currently advancing productivity in all manner of new ways and places…
May 22

How not to host a hacker’s high-rolling heist… and other stories

How can cybersecurity evolve to battle the unknown? To safeguard the future you must learn from the past, or so the mantra goes. But that’s a tough ask when the challenges are forever changing. The faster businesses implement security measures, the faster cybercriminals seem able to reinvent themselves and the methods they use. The casino recently scammed via an IoT-enabled thermometer for instance… In a fish tank…
Feb 15

A Customer Success Story: Kajima Corporation

Lenovo’s mobile workstations pair seamlessly with VR & AI technology for a complete package.
Dec 14