Changing demographics, changing expectations.

Changing demographics, changing expectations.

Our working lives are changing rapidly. Younger generations are entering the workforce as life expectancies rise and extend the length of our careers. The demographic shifts are creating workforces rich with diverse experiences and voices. Businesses can now benefit from a dynamic, broad workforce with a range of talents and skillsets.




But with differing demographics come differing needs. The workforce of the future will need the right technology to enable digital interactions that allow them to interact anywhere and whenever they choose. And with the widespread adoption of remote work, every company must become a tech company to remain competitive and drive value.

Businesses must adapt to meet the demands of future workforces. Now, there's a chance to create a more equitable and profitable workforce. One empowered by technology. So how can you rise to the new demands?


Flexible working, flexible careers.

The working world has arrived at a crucial moment of change. The population share over age 65 will rise from 15% in 2050 to a quarter of the planet's population by 2100. The year 2018 marked a significant demographic turning point: our planet became home to more people aged 65 and over than children under five for the first time in human history[i]. An increasing number of women are entering the workforce, and an increasing number of younger men share their parental duties with their partners. When careers can span over five or six decades, it's clear that we need to reinvent the way we work.

Although the COVID-19 crisis has expedited existing trends and given rise to a shift in attitudes towards flexible and remote working, flexible working will soon become an expectation and not a benefit. Nearly half of workers think that COVID-19 marks the end of every day in the workplace[ii].

Flexible working isn't just popular among millennials and Generation Z. Baby boomers and Gen X appreciate the greater freedom offered for themselves and their families. In addition, workforces are increasingly mixed with a shift from permanent employment to freelance and gig work to accommodate different lifestyles and needs.

Accommodating not just a need for flexible working but also flexible careers across different stages of life will become a prerequisite for businesses that want to attract and retain the best talent. When life expectancy may stretch towards 80 or 90, many can't afford to retire at 65, or consider it too early. Evolving workforces all have a vested interest in flexible working, whether it's balancing childcare demands, pursuing education, learning opportunities, or other pursuits.

Likewise, with access to more information, modern workforces are co-authors of the employee experience, demanding greater transparency and equality. Today's workforce seeks work-life balance, wellness, security, progression and sustainability. And as convenience-driven digital natives, they demand intuitive tech.

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Lifelong learning with Lenovo

As more and more tasks become automated, skill gaps are increasing. Reskilling and continuous learning throughout a career are essential in accommodating career changes and keeping pace with the skills required for future roles. For businesses wanting to stay ahead, the upskilling staff is one of the best ways to reskill an existing workforce.

Such programs are beneficial for business targets and foster greater collaboration, attract new talent, and improve employee engagement and retention. This provides businesses with an opportunity to maximise the potential of their workforce and shift towards on-demand and virtual teaching to equip employees with new skills.

Providing the right technology to help your employees upskill and reskill can enhance the employee experience. After all, they expect flexibility and require powerful devices to advance their career progression.

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Get time on your side and meet the changing expectations of future workforces.

The accelerated pace of digital innovation means that no matter what the industry, to compete in the modern world, businesses must become tech companies as technology encompasses every aspect of our lives. Equipping your workforce with the right tools can help them drive value for your business.

In today's fast-paced world, an agile approach is needed to continue to adapt to the changing technological environment and markets. The pandemic has accelerated the pace of change and pushed many businesses to rethink and transform for continued growth.

Reinventing the world of work to better suit the changing demographics will need to happen fast, or businesses will risk becoming obsolete. What all these demographics have in common is a desire for flexible career trajectories that accommodate the diverse variety of responsibilities these groups carry in their working and personal lives.

To meet these demands, businesses must equip their staff with the right technology. That way, they can focus on being more productive and feel good about what they achieve. So give them the tools to focus and get time on your side.


Get Time On Your Side