Make the milliseconds count v2

Make the milliseconds count

With a business of your size, the milliseconds make all the difference when dealing with masses of data. To stay ahead, you need to speed up the journey from raw data to reacting to that intelligence. Gartner predicts that 75% of businesses will move enterprise data-processing to the edge by 2025 in order to speed up the process. ThinkEdge allows you to improve business continuity and gain that competitive advantage.



Edge out the competition

40-100 milliseconds is typically lost between waiting on data between one point to another. For large organisations, this is simply too long.

Lenovo ThinkEdge offers limitless data storage and real-time processing to give you that edge over competitors. You can enjoy improved responsiveness and reliability with reduced bandwidth costs. This is key to make the most out of your data.

As you know, data is the most important thing you have as a business to gain actionable intelligence and boost growth. Make sure you have a great system behind your data with Lenovo ThinkEdge, powered by Intel technology.


Make decisions faster and smarter

Did you know that by 2025 55.6% of all data will come from IoT Devices? That’s a huge amount of data to process and take action on. So, it’s important to use technology that’s built for the data needs of tomorrow as it’s constantly evolving. In order to truly edge out the competition you need to be thinking forward.

And what does that look like? Faster processing power. Security. Scalability. And versatility to work in a huge range of environments as we now work anywhere. All of this can be found in Lenovo’s ThinkEdge range of solutions.

Become a more insightful business and jump in front of your competitors with the right data and storage.


Ensure business continuity

There are four times more remote devices than there were in 2019 and these numbers will only continue to climb, alongside security issues. Large businesses can’t afford to suddenly come to a grinding halt due to security breaches.

With people working from anywhere, maintaining the right security is more important than ever. Despite this, employees spend about 22 minutes each day dealing with IT issues. Thankfully, Lenovo has the solutions to mitigate risk, reduce downtime and accelerate resumption.

Our end-to-end approach to security with ThinkShield offers customisable solutions to secure your technology. From remote manageability making it easier for both IT and employees to resolve issues to end-to-end device management, the future of work should be seamless, not difficult.


Reliable devices and secure solutions reduce downtime, giving your business the security it needs to focus on what’s important.

Find out more about how you can beat the competition and make the most out of your data with ThinkEdge

The future of work as we know it has never been more exciting. To find out more about the bigger picture Lenovo has in store, click the link below.

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