Smarter digital safety for all
Help protect students from digital dangers with Lenovo Netfilter. Cloud-based, AI-driven web filtering and keystroke alerts.

Internet safety made simple

As device usage continues to increase, keeping students safer online has become a key responsibility for educators. To help, Lenovo has developed safety solutions with students, teachers, and IT teams in mind. 

Lenovo NetFilter and Lenovo NetFilter+ are cloud-based and AI-driven, providing powerful, real-time protection for student devices in both onsite and remote learning environments. 

The internet can be a scary place


of UK children aged 12-15 have had a negative online experience.

Children and parents: Media use and attitudes report | Ofcom


10-18-year-old children across 11 EU countries have seen something upsetting online.

How children experienced online risks during the Covid-19 lockdown | Joint Research Centre


unique phishing sites were discovered worldwide in Q1 2021

Number of global phishing sites as of Q1 2021 | Statist

Why schools trust Lenovo NetFilter

Lenovo NetFilter keeps students safe online. It’s also easy to implement, with mass deployment and customisable reports.

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Compliant with data privacy and other regulations required by CIPA, COPPA, the IWF, Friendly Wi-Fi, and others.

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Easy Mass Deployment

Manage one or multiple schools through a single dashboard.

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Protect mixed environments

Compatible with Mac, Windows, and Chromebooks on the school network or remotely.

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Threat detection

Protect school networks against other digital dangers, including malware, phishing, and viruses.

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Dynamically categorize unknown domains and keep the internet filter current.

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Customised Filtering

Block access for specific groups or users based on lists of URLs, keywords, file types, and apps.

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Built-in Reporting

Documentation is easy with customizable logging, reporting, and analytics.

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Multilingual support

Filtering categorization is available in over 40 languages with 10 interface language options.


Smarter digital safety, inside and outside the classroom 

We explore how Lenovo NetFilter protects learners from harmful content, cyber-attacks, and online bullying, wherever they are. Byron Wirtz, Intel’s Global Education Solution Architect, and Adam Helsinger, Lenovo’s Global Marketing Manager, discuss how top-of-the-line threat detection and built-in reporting give education leaders peace of mind that learners are protected for classrooms everywhere.


Upgrade to Lenovo NetFilter+ to receive real-time keystroke alerts for digital dangers, including cyberbullying, threats of violence, and suicidal ideation. 

Scheduled, customizable reporting and screen captures give admins insight into how to better protect students. Monitor content across the device, and configure settings depending on policies or groups. 

Protect your students and your network

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Dependable web filtering

Give your IT team the tools they need to mitigate threats to networks, devices, student data and personal safety

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Flexible online access

Set your web access policies based on granular or general attributes, including username, groups, time, and day.

Lenovo for schools
Dedicated application security

Manage student access to leading web applications, including Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, YouTube, LinkedIn and many more.

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Zero-day protection

Detect and react quickly to zero-day malware threats like viruses, spyware, phishing frauds, and other forms of malicious code.

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Integrates existing IT

Can be used alongside LDAP, Active Directory, eDirectory, Radius, Captive Portal, Single Sign-On (SSO) for Google, and Microsoft.

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Global security support

Multilingual support with categorisation in over 40 languages. Additionally, the interface can be set to over 7 languages.

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Everything you need to make learning personal 

81% of teachers worry about keeping students engaged, according to research.1 But the right combination of devices and software can help students feel inspired to do their best. At Lenovo, we’ve teamed up with Google for Education to deliver the Lenovo Chromebook Education package— designed to help teachers encourage learning, wherever it happens. 

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When it comes to educating the next generation of changemakers, there are no shortcuts. That’s why Lenovo has curated a unique portfolio of products, solutions, and services designed to make teaching easier, and learning more engaging. Whatever your needs, our devices are built to give students the best start in life. 


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