Enhancing diagnostics and precision medicine
Lenovo can help you stay ahead of emerging Healthcare & Life Sciences technologies, as well as industry trends and transitions.

Improved accuracy, faster diagnosis, and saved time

Diagnose patients and interpret data quickly and accurately. Lenovo desktop and mobile workstations, powered by NVIDIA RTX professional graphics, empower clinicians and scientists to work faster - improving clinical efficiencies and patient outcomes.


AI for Healthcare & Life Sciences

The development, delivery, and optimization of healthcare requires a complex ecosystem of patients, providers, payers, and medical scientists, supported by R&D organizations, delivery networks, backend data storage and privacy structures.

AI has the power and applicability to affect the entire healthcare value chain - both today and decades into the future.


Healthcare’s digital transformation is evolving

Lenovo ThinkPad and ThinkStation P Series Workstations are designed for advanced healthcare applications including AR/VR, AI modeling, medical imaging, digital pathology, genomics, digital microscopy, and machine learning.

Our workstation portfolio provides the power, performance, and reliability to interpret diagnostic images and patient data.

Transforming healthcare disciplines

Discover how our innovations are impacting specific areas of healthcare for the better.


Medical imaging innovation from Lenovo and LG Electronics provides radiology professionals with a complete diagnostic solution. Delivering consistent quality and optimal performance wherever they work - even if the OS is down.


Lenovo Workstation solutions mean performance, reliability and security to drive digital pathology transition. Lenovo ThinkPad P1 and Lenovo ThinkPad P16 on Intel vPro® Enterprise platform execute precise calibration for crisp, clear images.


Lenovo works with Intel® Select solution for Genomics Analytics, which enables precision medicine at the population scale.

Digital Twin

Trust Lenovo Digital Twin Healthcare solutions with Intel® architecture for improved collaboration, predictive modeling and acceleration, immersive technology, enhanced security, visual acuity and image fidelity.

Reimagine imaging

Leading healthcare institutions around the world are integrating immersive solutions into their clinical workflows. Discover how virtualizing the entire medical imaging reading room helps professionals practice anywhere, anytime, and at a reduced cost.


The future of medical training, surgical planning, and patient care

Immersive solutions and 3D visualization are transforming healthcare training and medical research while offering new therapy options for patients. Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) are breaking the barriers of conventional training and clinics to revolutionize surgery planning and modernizing anatomy labs.

Population health

As patient populations age and costs of care escalate, strategies for managing the health of communities, including preventative care, are a critical consideration.

Lenovo workstation and server infrastructure solutions provide the platform for artificial intelligence that can turn population data into effective education and care programs, as well as providing personalized and supportive patient experiences.

AI transforming Healthcare

AI is expected to improve outcomes by 30%. Get the big picture on Lenovo’s contribution in this short video.

GOAST: Geonomics Optimization & Scalability Tool

Accelerate drug research and discovery with Lenovo’s Genomics Optimization and Scalability Tool.

Accelerating High Performance Computing (HPC)

The greatest challenge facing population-level genomics is how to hyperscale the HPC infrastructure. Lenovo delivers an industry-first solution.

Accelerating Genomic Analysis

The field of genomics is growing exponentially,  transforming healthcare and life sciences. Learn how Lenovo ThinkStation PX and NVIDIA Parabricks are helping to accelerate genomic analysis.

Want to learn more?

Lenovo provides technology customized for your healthcare organization. For more information on how we can help you innovate, get in touch with our healthcare specialists.