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Unique to ThinkCentre are the lengths to which we go to ensure our machines are the most durable and reliable desktops available in the market.

Over 70 desktop reliability laboratories work tirelessly – testing and re-testing, submitting our PCs to shocks, drops, power surges, unstable currents, humidity, and extreme temperatures. So you can be sure that wherever you deploy your ThinkCentre, be it in the Andes, Arizona or the Arctic, it will always be more than a match for the conditions.

Our innovative proprietary testing methods have been devised to put ThinkCentres through their paces, and not simply to ensure exterior toughness and compliance with international standards. Our passion for putting the users' needs first means we also consider the kind of stress events a PC is likely to encounter in its lifetime, whether on-site, in the office or in transit. These tests are often more stringent than even military standards and are designed to prepare your ThinkCentre for a life of uninterrupted productivity.

Using test units equipped with special sensors to work through typical use cases and real-world scenarios, our engineers can measure the forces that act on both the exterior and internal components of a ThinkCentre. Recognising that long term wear and tear and sudden knocks and bumps represent two very different kinds of stress, we use this data to design ThinkCentres to stand up to all the challenges thrown up by a busy work environment – so they'll keep on going through thick and thin, year after year.

Electrostatic discharge test

ThinkCentres are built to handle whatever shocks might come at them, electrical or otherwise. Each plug and port is subjected to an 8,000 volt electrostatic discharge test, to ensure that damage to your hardware is limited even in the event of the proverbial bolt from the blue.

240 hours enhanced early life performance test

To ensure that every one of the components is defect and fault free, our laboratories put ThinkCentres through their paces by simulating over 240 hours of continuous computing. This means you know your ThinkCentre will be reliable from the first time you switch it on, to the thousandth time.