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How Does One Innocent Employee Mistake Bring Down A Whole Company?

Sometimes employees make mistakes—losing devices, clicking on things they shouldn't, or even disabling protections that get in their way.

Lenovo ThinkShield helps to prevent and contain human error before it turns into a devastating breach—without getting in the way of productivity.

For IT admins seeking more visibility into endpoints, as well as solutions that are less cumbersome for end-users, ThinkShield’s portfolio includes:
• Persistent endpoint visibility by Absolute
• Business data protection with BitLocker3 data and device encryption
• Advanced boot and run time protection with Windows Defender System Guard4
• Intel® Authenticate Solution
• Lenovo Wi-Fi Security


With Intel® Hardware Shield

With the power of the Intel® vPro platform, Lenovo ThinkShield provides BIOS that can self-heal in the event of corruption by human error or attack. And unlike other PC manufacturers, we did not build in a backdoor, so BIOS can be administered securely. If you’re skeptical, you can arrange a look through the 2,000,000+ lines of code in our secure BIOS Reading Room.5 We’ll even let you create a unique signature for the BIOS you reviewed.

ThinkShield is Lenovo's portfolio of secure Think devices, software, and services—fully customizable to keep your business ahead of dangerous breaches. Get the most comprehensive protection with a modern Windows 10 Pro device powered by the Intel® vPro platform.