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Multitask to exacting standards, with Lenovo ThinkVision monitors
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Making big decisions needs clarity of vision

In your industry, there’s no room for error when running complex calculations. Will your people make big breakthroughs and spot the crucial details ahead of the rest?

Data-driven work can be complicated for hybrid teams to manage collaboratively – important details can be overlooked or miscommunicated if there isn’t clear videoconferencing and information on screen, but data security is also a paramount concern.

Running in-depth analysis needs a lot of screen real-estate. Your teams need high resolution displays with easy connectivity, so they can easily collaborate, share high quality video calls and visualizations. They need to quickly find the answers they’re looking for, while also needing to protect sensitive financial information.

How can the Lenovo ThinkVision range augment data-driven work?

Tent mode

Ultrawide and curved monitors maximize field of vision and eye comfort

smart TV

Large screen sizes, from 27“ upwards, can be daisy-chained for to expand your display

usb ports

USB-C and Thunderbolt Docking provides high data efficiency 


Ethernet Port maximizes network security and enables reliable, high-speed data transfer 

high quality 0

High picture quality, such as QHD or higher, results in crystal clear detail

privacy guard 0

Eyesafe technology keeps users comfortable during long sessions of screen-time

ThinkVision: recommended for finance and informatics

Serious data analysis calls for a monitor with crystal clear resolution. For exceptional image quality and a specification that meets your industry’s needs, we recommend –

ThinkVision P49w-30

The pinnacle of multitasking

The Lenovo ThinkVison P49w-30 monitor is a great companion for multitasking on tasks ranging from data crunching to chasing stock market numbers.

  • 49-inch, 32:9 aspect ratio display, Dual QHD, 5120 x 1440 resolution
  • 13 ports incl. an easy-to-access, front-facing USB-C port on the Push-Push module and RJ45 network port
  • 1080p FHD lens and 2 built-in 5W speakers
Think Vision P40 W
ThinkVision P40w-20

Panoramic analysis, for the ultimate professional

Balance more complex calculations than most ever see – at once. All with this top-of-the-range display.

  • 39.7”, curved screen and 5120x2160 WUHD resolution
  • Dual screen experience from one monitor, with True Split
  • Switch easily between different sources with eKVM
  • Highspeed multitasking with TBT4
  • USB-C World’s first monitor to simplify security by supporting Intel vPro
Think Vision P34
ThinkVision P34w-20

Multitasking, without the compromise

Switch between tricky tasks without missing a single detail, with this vast, crystal-clear display. 

  • 34”, WQHD screen
  • Highspeed data access and easier multi-device work with integrated docking Dual screen experience from one monitor, with True Split
  • Easy switching between sources with eKVM
  • Single cable, multi-source display and daisy-chaining technology
ThinkVision P27h-30

Control and security for multi-display work

Create your ideal set-up, with multiple monitors and devices. All while keeping sensitive data safe. 

  • 27-inch, QHD resolution, four-side borderless monitor 
  • Full Docking: USB-C and RJ45 for highspeed data, video and network transfer
  • Easy daisy-chaining, to expand your view across several displays
  • Smart Power feature & power delivery up to 100 Watt

Accelerate your analysis with Lenovo Workstations

How can you stay at the forefront of data-driven work, in a hybrid world? It’ll take a unique blend of high-performance PCs, software and services. Explore how Lenovo Workstations can help you lead the way with data science and AI.

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