Use XaaS to deliver the just-what-I-needed experience in the modern workplace.

Everything as a Service can work for everyone

Your people may be working in a hybrid world but they expect the same excellent employee experience (EX) wherever they are, which poses big challenges for IT. As the old ways don’t work, enterprises are looking for new solutions to modernise the workplace and deliver the just-what-I-needed experience. For a growing number that means running Everything as a Service (XaaS).




As consumers we have everything we want accessible, virtually instantly, on our devices – whether it’s the latest TED talk, a new way to learn a language, or the chance to browse a gadget store online. It’s quick, fast and efficient and we expect the same sort of experience in our everyday working life.

We don’t want to be slowed down by bad tech. As a modern workforce, working anywhere,  we need work tools that are simple to use so we can do our job easily.

It is good business. Forrester reports there was a 10% improvement in employee experience (EX) scores, reported by 60% of IT decision-makers when they increased user satisfaction by giving them the right technology1.


One source for everything

What makes the difference is having everything in one place. As a small but growing number of companies (10% in our recent survey, with 63% interested2) are finding there’s a great benefit for the modern workplace in having Everything as a Service (XaaS)

In the same way that just-in-time planning revolutionized the supply chain, XaaS promises to provide business users with the just-what-I-need, when-I-need experience.

It does so by providing everything — hardware, software, services and support — through a single source.

There are distinct benefits for IT. There’s time  for more strategic thinking as they are not completely wrapped up in sorting everyday problems.


Flexible system for a flexible workforce

With XaaS, IT can deliver the high-level of performance users expect; it does so at predictable cost; it can easily scale up or down; and downtime is reduced as any failed devices are easily replaced. It’s built for security, with the latest AI technology providing endpoint protection. And it can be part of your green agenda through lifecycle management policies and responsible recycling.

Now you can have the power, performance, flexibility and return on investment (ROI) needed in the modern world of hybrid working.

But above all it is the bridgehead between the familiar, easy-to-use world of consumer-like devices that users want and the demand for high-performance, secure devices to aid business productivity that IT needs.


Keeping employees engaged

In particular, as Forrester reports1, XaaS has two key benefits to drive employee engagement.

The first is autonomy, giving users the widest choice of devices to use. The second is the sense of accomplishment for users as they get better at what they need to do. And that comes from having the right devices.

By combining the Lenovo portfolio of hardware, software, services, and support together through a single source, users can harness the customized experience that they crave. Whether it’s the security assured by ThinkShield software; the flexibility and power of ThinkPad and ThinkBook devices, or the scalability of the Device as a Service (DaaS) model - Lenovo has what it takes to help businesses adapt to the modern workplace.


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1 Forrester, Invest In Employee Experience(EX), Drive Your Bottom Line Growth, Empower Your Employees With The Right Technology, October 2020

2 Lenovo, The Future of Work and Digital Transformation, February 2021