Lay the foundations for your own digital fortress

Lay the foundations for your own digital fortress

Around 71% of data breaches go undetected1 – with teams working from anywhere with valuable data on company devices, that figure will only rise.



Nearly half of mobile and hybrid end users (49%) had never worked remotely before the pandemic, and are at particular risk of phishing scams.

And IT leaders are responsible for securing nearly 4x more remote devices than in 2019 2.


Statistics to chill the blood – or provide a warm glow of reassurance?

Because on the reverse of the scary numbers coin is the 70% of employees who report their company operating normally in a remote capacity.

Partly, this is because 97% of companies are using secure collaboration tools such as Microsoft Teams 3. Wide adoption has contributed to an overall positive employee experience with remote work, as well as boosting security.

But it’s also because users of Lenovo devices, such as ThinkPad running Windows 11, are already significantly better protected than those whose employers rely more on the ‘it won’t happen to us’ strategy.


The fact is, bad things will happen.

The outcome rests on how well prepared you are to repel a cyber-attack. For example, increasingly sophisticated ransomware attacks have led several national cybersecurity organisations to issue advice on preventing attacks.

The best way is by creating a digital fortress, with built-in security for collaboration tools and end-to-end protection. That way, technology does the heavy lifting, and remote workers feel secure.


Lenovo can help you build that digital fortress, preventing breaches and giving you peace of mind.

Layered and proactive solutions protect against unforeseen threats and defend your IT investments – without exhausting resources.

Devices designed to power productivity are another clear step forward. Adaptable PCs, and an OS designed for hybrid work, are crucial when 60% of employees want to work remotely at least half the time4.


The right devices for you, and your users

If you give users tech that works the way they want, you’ll enhance the employee experience and productivity at the same time.

That’s why ever-evolving devices, like those from Lenovo ThinkPad, are purpose-built to be as flexible and reliable as the person in front of the screen.

91% of people say technology influences their job choices, and the smarter technology behind ThinkPad devices can help them to meet the most demanding workloads, and go even further.

And they perform without compromise, with powerful built-in ThinkShield security including hardware isolation, encryption, and malware protection.


Communicate, collaborate, create

ThinkPad and Windows 11 is here to help your onsite and remote employees work together, better. The ThinkPad X1 Series comprises of models built to improve remote collaboration, with an array of digital noise-cancelling microphones and FHD webcams, without compromising on portability or durability.

All the while, the new ThinkPad Z Series allows employees to prioritize privacy in public, with our Glance technology, which alerts the user to prying eyes.


Enabling work-from-anywhere is complex

But you can simplify things with manageable, secure devices ready out of the box. It’s a smarter way to equip and protect distributed teams, while ensuring that business data and assets are safe.

ThinkPad X1 devices employ powerful built-in security, integrated hardware, and OS safeguards including Secure Wipe 2.0, Firmware Resiliency 2.0 and Human Presence Detection. What’s more, they are serviceable, reliable, and personal.

Lenovo solutions pair the right devices with smarter services ­– so you can deploy, manage, secure, and support your employees 24/7, from wherever you and they are.


Learn more about business continuity solutions from Lenovo. And start safeguarding the future of your business.

The future of work as we know it has never been more exciting. To find out more about the bigger picture Lenovo has in store, click the link below.

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