Is Your Workplace Optimized for all Kinds of Users?

The modern workspace comprises various generations − the baby boomers, the gen X, and the millennials. Each of these generations has unique work styles and expectations from technology. Thus, it is mandatory for businesses to rethink their workspace and create an environment which meets the needs of the new age workforce.

The great technology divide between generations – or not.

Discover how multiple generations function in the same environment seamlessly with right solutions

Why Workplace Efficiency Matters?

More than

50% of employees

expect to be working in a smart office in the next five years

More than

80% of millennials

said that workplace tech would have an influence when deciding to take a job

Half of all employees and

3 in 5 millennials

believe technology will make face-to-face conversation obsolete soon

More than

60% of millennials

would rather receive high-tech perks at work versus low-tech perks such as ping pong and free food

1Source: Intel® Office of the Future Study

As employee priorities change, the workplace must change with them. An efficient workplace would maximize your employees’ abilities, which would, in turn:

Employee Satisfaction
Higher Employee
Increased Power
and Cost Savings
Better Policy
Enforcement and Control

Lenovo for

Business Laptop Reliability*
better than industry average*
AWARDS at CES 2018
*TBR PC Reliability Study 2011

Lenovo Defines Workplace Efficiency in 3 Parts

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Workplace Optimization

Most offices worldwide are 50% under-utilized always, due to changing work styles, mobile technologies, and business needs2. One way to offset this is by adopting an activity-based approach to working. This enables employees to work as it suits them, not only optimizing the usable space, but also saving power costs.

There are three elements that are crucial to optimize your workplace:

5 reasons why you need to transform your workspace today !
Download the infographic 2Source: LinkedIn Workspace Optimization Solutions

Devices that are sleek, stylish and secure − ideal for mobile users to carry along wherever business takes them.

ThinkPad X1 Series

The ThinkPad X1 Series of devices are designed keeping the modern workforce and work style in mind. Featuring a slim, stylish yet strong form factor, ThinkPad X1 Series of products are perfect for collaboration; switch from content creation, to brain storming, to making presentations − flexibility that suits your work style.

Lenovo V Series

The Lenovo V Series is designed specifically for the small-business professional. Simple and powerful, these no-nonsense laptops provide reliable technology and long-term performance with Intel® Core vPro processors.

Computing devices that are compact and are designed to reduce the cubicle clutter − ideal for users who work from their desks.

ThinkCentre Series

Whether you run a small business or are handling the IT department of a massive enterprise, the ThinkCentre Series of products with 8th Generation Intel® Core vPro processors and DDR4 memory, help you perform carry intensive tasks with ease.

The ThinkCentre Small Form Factor desktops boost efficiency, productivity, and grows in line with your business. Likewise, the ThinkCentre Tiny packs a punch while being compact − giving you the same performance as a regular desktop.

Devices with specialized features and specifications − ideal for specialist users who need the power to perform intensive tasks.

ThinkPad T Series

The ThinkPad T Series builds upon superior design with the performance and durability professional users demand. It’s ideal for users who need true business-class notebooks to keep up with their on-the-go work schedule.

ThinkPad P Series

The ThinkPad P Series is designed keeping in mind the users who need the power of a workstation to handle intensive work in a thin and light package. The ThinkPad P Series products feature ISV-certified applications, lightning-fast graphics, and cutting-edge technology that enables users to be at their best.

Accessories Ecosystem – Get More from Your Device Investment

Docking Solutions

ThinkPad Thunderbolt 3.0 dock, powered by Intel® Thunderbolt technology is a multi-port docking solution perfect for multitasking; this dock enables multiple displays to expand your workspace and provides 13 additional ports with a single cable.

ThinkCentre Tiny Under-Desk Mount Bracket

An attractive space-saving solution made of high-grade steel and mounts easily with four screws. The Under-Desk Mount Bracket enables more desktop and floor space while providing a secure solution to protect the Tiny PC.

Lenovo Ultra Slim Wireless Keyboard and Mouse Combo

The quiet key design of the keyboard helps you focus on the task at hand. And the wireless mouse includes a sleek design, precise control features that operates on almost any surface.


For that Added Peace of Mind

Premier Support

Premier Support is a service package designed for customers who want to bypass basic troubleshooting and experience shorter waiting times, reduced repair times, and higher first-time fix rates. It’s a direct line to advanced-level phone support and is designed to expedite problem resolution. Premier Support is designed to give your customers the best service experience available with our Onsite Next Business Day (NBD) warranty service.

Enhance collaboration through applications and devices which foster collaborative work while keeping information secure and restricted to authorized personnel.

ThinkCentre Thin Client

Thin Client enables your business to enjoy many client virtualization and Cloud computing benefits, including cost and manageability. In addition to powerful processing, multi-display support and high-speed USB ports, this versatile, rugged computer boasts an intelligent tool to help simplify thin-client management and deployment.

Lenovo Unified Workspace

The Lenovo Unified Workspace enables organizations to securely deliver the right apps and content, to the right users – anytime, anywhere, and on any device. So, users can have the flexibility, policies, and tools they need to be more creative, productive, and collaborative.

Cloud Solutions

Lenovo’s Cloud solutions allow secure access anytime, anywhere, and with any device for corporate provisioned devices and apps. Lenovo’s comprehensive suite of services combines with the industry’s top-rated systems take the guess work out of cloud. And with proprietary network management solution XClarity, ensure maximum reliability and availability

Implement a simplified solution for managing meetings smartly without the usual connection and content sharing hassles.

ThinkSmart Hub 500

With the ThinkSmart Hub 500, start meetings on time with a tap of your finger, hear what everyone says loud and clear − see a difference in your organization’s efficiency and productivity.

  • All-in-one, purpose-built Skype Room Systems device
    powered by Windows 10 IoT
  • Powered by the Intel® vProTM processor
  • Enables fast and wireless content sharing capabilities

ThinkCentre Tiny and Intel® Unite® Solution

Get your meeting underway instantly by connecting wirelessly to your big screen from your device using the ThinkCentre M910 with Intel® Unite®.

  • Supports devices running on Windows 7, Windows 8.1, Windows 10 Pro, and OSx.
    (Now available for iPad, Android tablet, Chromebook, & Linux)
  • Enterprise ready: a room solution with the performance, security features, and
    manageability powered by Intel® vPro technology

Downtime Reduction

Downtime can be a result of a variety of problems – from an accidental human error to a planned malicious attack, data corruption, storage, power, or network failures, a natural disaster, and more. Whatever the cause, downtime can harm your business in many ways: decreased work efficiency, increased IT costs, data loss, and a bad reputation. An IDC study revealed that an average downtime costs $70,000 per hour3. It is essential to have the right IT infrastructure to help you overcome errors and cyber-attacks without impacting your productivity.

Three main causes for downtime are:

3Source: IDC's Whitepaper on Reducing Downtime and Business Loss

A report shows that human error accounts up to 22%4 of downtime. While human error is unavoidable, investment in the right endpoint devices can reduce the downtime caused by it.

Precision Keyboards ThinkPad keyboards are built to be spill resistant to protect internal components from accidental spills thereby enhancing reliability and investment protection for customers. Many ThinkPad models have drainage holes to ensure accidental liquid spills can be drained out.

MIL-SPEC ThinkPad devices are proven to survive extreme environmental variables, including temperature, pressure, dust, humidity, and vibration testing. Each ThinkPad passes through rigorous tests to ensure a reliable system for various real-world usage scenarios.


A report shows that human error accounts up to 22%4 of downtime. While human error is unavoidable, investment in the right endpoint devices can reduce the downtime caused by it.

BUFFERZONE® Without restricting or inconveniencing employees, BUFFERZONE protects endpoints and trusted organizational resources from any kind of malware. It isolates browsers and applications that come into contact with the internet and other untrusted sources, in their own, virtual environment.

Accidental Damage Protection (ADP)Accidental Damage Protection (ADP) belongs to the family of Lenovo Protection Services and complements Lenovo Warranty Services with the option of protection due to unintentional electrical surge, liquid spills, drops or bumps, and LCD damage.


Data corruption and Cybercrime causes 22%5 of downtime. Since endpoint devices are the gateway to data breaches, the right endpoint device can protect your data.

Fast Identity Online (FIDO)ThinkPad series is FIDO enabled; it ensures hardened authentication and wraps access information into three layers of security. FIDO authentication pertains to online credentials when you sign into websites or make payments online. This global solution creates better security for online services, reduces costs for organizations, and is simpler and safer for users.

Hardware Enhanced Multifactor AuthenticationThinkPad laptops are integrated with Intel® Authenticate solution that gives IT the flexibility to create and deploy customized hardened multifactor authentication policies to enforce user identity protection for access to the corporate domain, network, and VPN. Intel® Authenticate solution provides a simple self-service enrollment tool for end users to quickly get started, eliminating calls to IT.


Data corruption and Cybercrime causes 22%5 of downtime. Since endpoint devices are the gateway to data breaches, the right endpoint device can protect your data.

Full Drive Encryption (FDE) Full Drive Encryption provides factory-enabled anti-theft security and hard-drive passwords. Lenovo estimates that the manual implementation of encryption can take customers an average of 120 minutes per device. Reduces technician and deployment time. Offers customers a reliable single-source solution and saves time and expense. Saves onsite technical staff valuable time spent to run encryption on every device.

Online Data Backup (OLDB) Lenovo’s Online Data Backup is an easy-to-use, automatic online backup, and recovery software solution. With this tool, organizations and user groups can share a pool of storage without the administrator assigning storage to specific users.

Lenovo Vantage Enables Lenovo WiFi Security that detects and analyzes in real-time, any threats or attacks that are present near the laptop and enables it to distinguish between legitimate networks and risky, possibly malicious networks.


Power and network failure can have adverse effects on your business and can lead to a frustrating downtime, leading to higher costs and reduced efficiency.

Cooling Technology
Staying cool and working efficiently under pressure is a prized quality in business. The cooling technology of ThinkPads and the Intelligent Cooling Engine (ICE) in ThinkCentre ensures you can do just that by maintaining temperatures at an optimal level for high-performance computing while carefully controlling power consumption. It allows ThinkPads to be up-to 15% cooler and 10% quieter when a user is working with the ThinkPad placed on the lap. And the acoustics mode in ThinkCentre cools the device while delivering extra-quiet performance making it perfect for office use.

Power and network failure can have adverse effects on your business and can lead to a frustrating downtime, leading to higher costs and reduced efficiency.

Lenovo Vantage
Never Crash Strategy provides system crash assistance through Lenovo Vantage that recognizes system crashes, informs and shows users crash information and sends diagnostic data to the support team, who then resolve the issue. Smart Messaging through Lenovo Vantage monitors the system health and notifies users if any apps or drivers are crashing, thus ensuring your employees never lose efficiency due to downtime.


IT Automation

With automation implemented strategically, IT can provide a competitive advantage to organizations in this digital economy. IT Automation helps reduce the time spent on routine tasks and speed up the process of deployment. Thereby, facilitating better manageability and easier upgrades.

The solutions to invest in to drive workplace efficiency
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Custom Preloads

Lenovo has the ability to offer standard preloads to customized images. One of the newest customized preloads, Ready to Provision Plus (RTP+), allows adding up to any five apps on the image.

Basic Provisioning with Lenovo ADS and Windows AutoPilot*

Lenovo devices can be enabled to support Windows AutoPilot to help speed up the process of deploying and configuring new devices. Basic registration through Autopilot for Microsoft suite of products together with the Lenovo Advanced Deployment Service (ADS) provides the ability to customize deployment. This eliminates the need for IT to perform imaging tasks and automates the out-of-box experience for business imaging.

*on CTO models only

Full Provisioning with Key EMM Partnerships

The global strategic partnership of Lenovo and MobileIron EMM ensures secure provisioning and simplifies endpoint device management. It incorporates identity, context, and privacy enforcement to set the appropriate level of access to business data and services. MobileIron secures data-at-rest on the mobile device, in mobile apps, desktop, and in Cloud storage. Additionally, the MobileIron EMM platform secures data-in-motion as it moves between the corporate network, devices, and various on-premise and Cloud storage repositories.

Image Storage and Recovery with Lenovo Cloud Deploy

Lenovo Cloud Deploy solutions provide the optimal restore, deploy, and recover experience with the ability to store images in cloud and have access to it, anywhere, anytime.

Think Deployment Resources – Tap into Our Expertise for Free

The Think Deployment Resource Center on is a portal to provide content and documentation for customers who are performing their own operating system deployments of Lenovo business products. The resources are aimed at making this process as fast and as easy as possible.

Deployment Recipe Cards:
an ideal starting point when beginning the development of a custom image on a new Lenovo ThinkPad, ThinkCentre, or ThinkStation.

SCCM Driver Packs:
provides the fastest, easiest way to add the hardware drivers you need to your deployment.

Deployment Engineer Resources:
find white papers, tools, and links to useful reference materials for the deployment process.

Community Tools:
includes a Driver Grabber and Driver & Software Matrix for admins.

Lenovo Vantage – Leverage Built-in Capabilities of Think PCs

Lenovo Vantage unclutters the PC experience and makes it easier for customers to get the most out of their Lenovo devices. It is a new application that replaces Companion and many other Lenovo apps by combining their functions and adding new features so that users can easily protect and customize their PCs automatically. Several automation features reduce the breadth of routine and mundane tasks that an IT department has to perform. Lenovo systems running Windows 10 will automatically receive Lenovo Vantage as an automatic update, and it will be the only Lenovo branded app preloaded on newer systems.

Its features include:

System Update: check for new software and driver updates for your computer

WiFi Security: detects and analyzes, in real-time, any threats or attacks that are present in the vicinity of the laptop and enables it to distinguish between legitimate networks and risky, possibly malicious networks

Customization: get helpful information and recommendations based on your device and the way you use it




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