Outsmart attackers with a smarter security stack
Continuous security is critical with devices connected everywhere in the work-from-anywhere era.
Great Resignation
IT in the aftermath of The Great Resignation
How will organizations respond when The Great Resignation slows?
Green credentials are important for a new generation of employees
As an IT leader, you see firsthand the pressure your organization is under to attract and retain top talent. You’re not alone. This is an area of renewed focus in companies of all sizes and across multiple industries.
Next-generation workforce
Meet the next-generation workforce
By 2030, 74% of the workforce will be Gen Z or Millennial — see how technology drives them.1

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Artikel zu Customer Success Stories

SAGA Space Architects Customer Story
SAGA Space Architects Customer Story
SAGA Space Architects is a multi-disciplinary design studio who use Lenovo workstations to enable them to innovate in the fastest and most effective way.
Baker Hughes Customer Story
Baker Hughes Customer Story
Baker Hughes deploys its game-changing enhanced reality software platform, using Lenovo ThinkReality A6 headsets to support remote operations management, training, collaboration, site walkthroughs and more.
Banco Galicia Customer Story
Banco Galicia Customer Story
With Lenovo PCs driving both service center and in-branch operations, backed by Lenovo Services, Banco Galicia can ensure seamless customer services across all touchpoints.

Artikel zu Productivity

meeting madness
Machen Sie Schluss mit dem „Meeting-Wahnsinn“ – durch bessere hybride Zusammenarbeit
So verbessern Sie Meetings in der hybriden Arbeitswelt mit smarteren Geräten und CaaS
Simplify carbon offset and sustain business growth
Einfacher CO₂-Ausgleich und nachhaltiges Unternehmenswachstum
Mit smarten CO2 Offset Services erreichen Sie mühelos Netto-Null-Emissionen.
Deep work for deeply productive working, anywhere.
Deep Work: Überall konzentriert und produktiv arbeiten
Bieten Sie Ihren Teams smarte Tools für produktives Arbeiten ohne Technologieprobleme.