SMB: Small Business Cloud Solutions

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Why Lenovo for Cloud Solutions
The Right Cloud Solution for Your Business

Departmental interoperability and seamless collaboration are some of the main factors to consider when identifying a Cloud solution that works for you. With the option of various Cloud computing environments, choose what best suits your business.

For organizations that demand strict security, latency, regulatory and data privacy levels.
For organizations that demand greater operational flexibility and scalability.
For organizations that demand application and on-demand hosting for microsite and application.
If you need high-performance access to filesystems or want to host business critical data and applications while maintaining security, private Cloud should be your choice.

ThinkSystem SR Series

Engineered to deliver high performance, the ThinkSystem SR630 provides a solid foundation for:

  • Transforming physical resources into services, using validated designs for hybrid cloud
  • Performing analytics on streaming data, using validated designs for Big Data
  • Increasing productivity of virtualized transactional systems, using validated designs for OLTP databases

ThinkSystem ST Series

Optimized for office environments, with physical security and whisper-quiet operation, the Lenovo ThinkSystem ST550 is:

  • Powered by Intel® Xeon® Processor
  • Scalable 4U tower server
  • Ideal for email/file/print and web serving, IT infrastructure, virtualization, VDI, and private Cloud
Using a hybrid Cloud enables organizations to scale computing without engaging in humongous capital expenditures.
Using a hybrid Cloud enables organizations to scale computing without engaging in humongous capital expenditures.

Simple to Manage, Easy to Deploy: Lenovo Cloud Networking Operating System

The Lenovo Cloud Network Operating System provides a simple, open, and programmable network infrastructure designed to scale for your business needs. Its intelligent, Cloud-scale performance delivers a software-defined Ethernet solution that is simple to manage and easy to deploy using common management tools. It is based on open industry standards for better data center interoperability. It enables support of automation and orchestration applications for tight integration into the data center ecosystem.

Enabling Maximum Reliability and Availability with Lenovo XClarity

Lenovo XClarity Administrator is a centralized resource management solution that is aimed at reducing complexity, speeding response, and enhancing the availability of Lenovo server systems and solutions. Lenovo XClarity includes features like firmware management, configuration management, OS provisioning, and hardware monitoring and management.

Using a hybrid Cloud enables organizations to scale computing without engaging in humongous capital expenditures.

Business Processes Made Easy: Lenovo Deployment Services

Simplify installation of new technologies, accelerate time to productivity, and free your IT staff to concentrate on business priorities. Lenovo experts unpack and configure systems, update firmware, and conduct final operation verification testing of hardware. With Deployment Services, businesses can move or scale IT resources intelligently and cost-effectively.

Enable IT to Focus on Business Priorities: Lenovo Managed Services

With Lenovo Managed Services businesses can rely on experts for continuous system monitoring and problem resolution for both hardware and software. Businesses can also outsource capacity planning and performance management and bank upon Lenovo to fully coordinate hardware and software resources, with end-to-end support. Managed Services includes Managed Installation, Services & Technical Account Managers, and Asset Recovery Services.

Endpoint Devices that Complement Your Cloud Infrastructure

Organization's endpoint devices are gateway to the Cloud. Be it private, hybrid or public Cloud, it needs to be supported with devices that have robust security and connectivity features. Given that an organization has different kind of users and devices for each of them, it's mandatory to make sure they are Cloud compatible.

For those who are always on-the-go.
For those who are limited to a desk space.
For those who need unique features and specifications.
Key factors to consider when choosing a device for those on-the-go Robust Device Security│ Long Battery Life│ Better Hardware Performance │ Flexible Form Factor
Key factors to consider when choosing a device for those limited to desk space Smaller Device Footprint │ Smart Security │Multi-monitor Support │ High Processing Capability
Key factors to consider when choosing a device for those who need unique features and specifications High Processing Capability │ Better Hardware Performance │ Intelligent Graphics │ In-built Security

ThinkVision T24m-10 Monitor

Experience near-edgeless display with this 23.8" ThinkVision monitor. Featuring convenient One-Cable solution, USB Type-C, full-function ergonomic stand and TüV certification to optimize user experience.

ThinkVision T22i-10 Monitor

Delivering an immersive, borderless Full-HD experience with the ThinkVision T22i-10 monitor. Also, plugging-in is easier with this series’ available VGA, DisplayPort, and HDMI ports.

ThinkPad Secure Hard Disk

Optimized for safeguarding essential data while on-the-go. The ThinkPad Secure Hard Disk offers high-level 256-bit Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) security within a slim, lightweight, self-powered easy-to-use design.

Premier Support: Effectiveness to Match ThinkPCs

Premier Support is a service package designed for customers who want a single point of contact for hardware and software support, end-to-end case management. It’s a direct line to advanced-level phone support and is designed to expedite problem resolution. This service improves efficiency of in-house IT for faster response while enabling resources to focus on mission-critical business activities.

Accidental Damage Protection (ADP): Device Security in Cloud Computing

Access to Cloud is through the endpoint devices. Ensuring that the device is covered to address unexpected IT expenses associated with replacing damaged equipment is necessary. ADP offers convenient coverage in case of accidental damage for labor, parts, full system, and replacement in cases when repair is not possible.

Effective Device Management and Security for Your Devices

With a highly mobile workforce that needs to access office networks from anywhere, anytime, IT departments are challenged to drive effective policy enforcement, and control.

Solutions from preloaded and built-in technology to powerful, partnership enabled solutions for Think PCs.
Solutions from built-in technology to simple and effective protection services for Think PCs.
Monitor and manage all endpoint devices deployed in the organization with Lenovo's endpoint device management solutions for Think PCs.
Secure unauthorized access, unsafe networks, and ensure device and data protection with Lenovo's data security and user authentication solutions for Think PCs.