Hybrid Cloud with Microsoft
Harness flexibility and cost-transparency, from the cloud to the edge
simplify hybrid

Simplify hybrid cloud from the edge

Lenovo TruScale Hybrid Cloud with Microsoft Azure Stack HCI offers flexible IT infrastructure and a seamless, pay-as-you-go commercial model.

It eliminates the need for high capital investment, and overcomes the challenges of migrating workloads between the on-premises environment and the cloud.

Deep-dive the technical features

This hyperconverged infrastructure cluster solution hosts virtualized workloads and their storage in a hybrid environment; the security of on-premises infrastructure with the flexibility of the cloud.


Scale out on-premises or in public cloud, balancing the deployment mix.


Familiar Hyper-V standardized architecture which supports legacy environments and allows your team to leverage existing skills.


Managed services for virtualization and infrastructure management that provide a seamless user experience.


A fully integrated approach that lowers costs and boosts efficiency.


24/7 support, for fast and easy access to Lenovo experts.


Reduce upfront investment and align costs with changing needs.


WCS IT Consulting

Serving a Growing Cloud Services Market

We explored the possibility of building our own cloud hosting infrastructure, but soon realized that this would be unsustainable due to initial capex investments. We wanted the same ‘as-a-Service’ benefits that we aimed to provide our clients so, we targeted a more flexible alternative.

Nicolas Reyero, Founder and CEO, WCS IT Consulting

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