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Only On A ThinkPad: Superior Cooling Technology

Now in its 8th generation, it's 23% lighter and 10% smaller with 38% increased airflow and 15%better thermal performance

The most silent and efficient cooling system ever made.

As Ultrabooks™ become smaller, slimmer and more powerful, greater demand is placed on the CPU, which in turn generates more heat. This poses the critical challenge of preventing the system overheating, which can cause delicate components to fail and lead to permanent data loss.

Modern cooling systems need to be small enough to fit into the compact chassis of an Ultrabook™, and quiet enough to eliminate disturbing ambient noise – so efficiency is everything.

Our ThinkPad engineers observed that owls possess notched feathers that enable air to pass over their wing surfaces more silently than any other bird. This inspired the design of the Owl Wing fan, with unique notched blades that make it the most silent and efficient fan ever made.