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Smarter workforce
Smarte Transformation der Mitarbeiter
Die sich wandelnden IT-Herausforderungen des hybriden Arbeitens meistern
IT leaders balance innovation and operations
So bringen IT-Führungskräfte Innovationen und Operational Excellence in Einklang
Externe Partner erleichtern die Arbeit durch flexible Cloud-Kapazitäten, Geräteverwertung und mehr
next wave of IT innovation
Die nächste IT-Innovationswelle
Wo sollte eine gezielte Transformation stattfinden

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Keele Univ School of Medicine
Customer Story: Keele University School of Medicine
Medical imaging made simpler. At Keele University School of Medicine, the ThinkPad P52 - a VR-ready mobile workstation from Lenovo - is delivering the right balance of performance, mobility, and security required for medical imaging tasks and more.
COJE DISPLAYS - Head image
Customer Story: COJE Displays
After dominating the domestic market in Korea, COJE Displays is ready to make an impression on the global stage. The company has chosen Lenovo as its technology partner in this journey of growth and expansion.
Quick steps to unlock productivity through mobility
Productivity One-Pager: Modern Devices & Windows 10
Support for Windows 7 is ending. So what are waiting for?