FC Internazionale Milano Customer Story


Smarter Solutions get fans closer to the action.

How FC Internazionale Milano uses Lenovo technology to enhance digital campaigns, boost innovation, drive smarter fan engagement initiatives, and improve post‑game analyses.

Established in 1908, FC Internazionale Milano is one of the most successful football (soccer) teams in the world. Throughout its 113-year history, the club has won an impressive 19 Italian league titles, seven Coppa Italias, five Italian Super Cups, three UEFA Cups, two European Cups, one UEFA Champions League, two Intercontinental Cups and one FIFA Club World Cup.

In addition to enjoying massive support across all of Italy, Inter’s fan base stretches across the globe. To use its international presence to effect positive change, Inter supports football-lead educational initiatives in over 29 countries through its Inter Campus program. And as the club continues to expand its presence, Inter is eager to provide more fans with memorable experiences and attract more people to the beautiful game.

The Challenge
Football is one of the most popular sports on the planet. According to FIFA, the 2018 world cup was viewed by over 3.5 billion people.  For Inter, one of the most famous and widely supported teams, sustaining peak excitement and fan engagement on match days is a top priority.

Lorenzo Antognoli, Head of IS at Inter, comments: “In recent decades, the number of fans engaging with their favorite football teams online and via their mobile devices has skyrocketed. Providing fans with personalized content at the right time in the right place is essential to inspiring loyalty and growing our fan base. When Italy went into national lockdown in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, many football matches were cancelled, so stepping up digital engagement became our main focus.”

With millions of supporters around the world, delivering tailored digital content to fans is an extremely sophisticated task, requiring powerful IT resources. That’s where Lenovo stepped in.

Global presence,  local expertise
“Lenovo went the extra mile to understand our unique needs” says Antognoli. “We decided to work with Lenovo because it’s an internationally recognized brand. The fact that Lenovo shares our core commitment to performance and innovation was a huge plus.

Lenovo worked with the club to help enhance staff collaboration and productivity. By equipping teams with ThinkPad laptops from the L, T and X series, Inter can help employees work more efficiently. ThinkVision monitors ensure staff can see the big picture, and fitting Inter’s meeting rooms with Lenovo ThinkSmart Hubs keeps everyone connected during meetings and conference calls, no matter where they are.

“With the latest-generation ThinkPad laptops, everyone in our organization — from our sports analysts to our finance department — benefits from increased performance,” comments Antognoli. “And with ThinkSmart Hubs and ThinkVision monitors in our meeting rooms, employees in the office can quickly and easily connect with colleagues out on the pitch or in training facilities with high-quality conference call capabilities."

As well as supplying Inter with powerful solutions, Lenovo is supporting the club as an official back-of-the-jersey sponsor.

“Lenovo joins us as a jersey sponsor at a very exciting time for Inter—just as we launch our new club emblem. We’re pleased that Lenovo will be a part of this historic moment and we’re proud to showcase our close partnership with an internationally recognized technology leader.”

Achieving new goals
Backed by Lenovo technology, Inter has focused on creating innovative digital campaigns, helping to attract more people to the sport. Using Lenovo ThinkPad laptops, Inter employees have everything they need to create compelling content at their fingertips.

“We recently ran a campaign focused on bringing more women to football, and we’re pleased to see that we successfully increased our female fan base as a result of this digital campaign,” says Antognoli. “With Lenovo technology underpinning our digital engagement activities, we are much better equipped to develop innovate digital experiences, such as virtual tours of our stadia, access to historical archives, and to serve fans with personalized online and in-app content.”

Antognoli sums up, saying: “Knowing that Lenovo is willing to support us every step of the way as we evolve our capabilities gives us confidence that we will maintain our leading position in football for years to come.”