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A shared belief in customer-centricity lies at the centre of the fruitful partnership between Systech and Lenovo.

Established in 1998 as a SOHO in the field of IT sales and services, Systech Services Limited is one of the fastest growing IT infrastructure solutions providers in India today with offices in Bangalore, Hyderabad, Chennai, Pune, Gurugram, and Coimbatore. Systech has been a trusted partner of Lenovo since 2006, and a Lenovo Platinum Business Partner since 2014. The company boasts of strong partnerships with more than 3000 customers and also caters to 50+ global customers for Lenovo including Robert Bosch, Cisco, Intel, SAP, Oracle, and Wipro.

Is customer-centricity just a buzzword?

What does it actually mean for a company to be customer-centric? And how can it be used to drive profit and gain competitive advantage? Imagine you have landed in a new city, a broken laptop in hand and an important sales meeting scheduled for the next day. The spare needed to fix the laptop is still in your city of origin. What do you do?



A Senior VP from Oracle came face to face with this dilemma when he landed in Bangalore. Lucky for him, he could call on the services of Systech, a Lenovo Platinum Business Partner, for an urgent replacement. Within the hour he was all set for his meeting, his laptop fixed by a Systech engineer using the spare from a standby laptop. What’s more, the positive experience stayed with the VP, and when he needed a big order of workstations, he knew exactly who to approach.

This is just one example that showcases the efforts Systech is ready to put in to provide an exemplary customer experience. It is this passion to create long-lasting relationships with customers that Lenovo values and rewards through its partnership with Systech.

Eyes on the goal

Systech started small but had big ambitions. In the very beginning, the company realized the value of being a reliable provider of services, spares, and accessories for all PC models in use in the market. From a ThinkPad model launched just weeks ago to ones that date back as much as 10-11 years, Systech prides itself on stocking the spares and accessories for a wide range of Lenovo PCs and workstations.



This planned approach of putting their customers at the centre and making decisions that ensure they are happy and fulfilled, have been foundational to Systech’s rapid growth in the last 19 years. In Lenovo, they found a brand that resonated these same values.

Built on trust, nurtured for growth

The partnership with Lenovo provided Systech the thrust it needed to scale up their portfolio of offering. “Partnering with a globally renowned brand like Lenovo makes a huge difference in meeting customer needs, and impacts the business in the long run,” said Anil.

As a Lenovo Platinum Business Partner, Systech benefits from a range of valuable resources and incentives, designed to boost business growth and accelerate profitability. The support from Lenovo, including competitive pricing, rebates, and trainings, helped Systech improve, differentiate and rapidly grow their business, in Bangalore as well as across India. “Sales and marketing enablement have been excellent in all the stages of association with Lenovo,” remarked Anil.

From supporting sales demos to product pricing, Lenovo has gone out of the way to empower the partnership with Systech.


From partners to brand advocates

“Systech is as passionate about customer experience as Lenovo. Their approach resonates with our belief in customer centricity, and ours is a seamless relationship that has withstood the test of time and industry challenges”

 Rohit Midha
Director - Commercial Accounts, Lenovo

In the 11 years since they first partnered with Lenovo, Systech has grown by leaps and bounds, gaining foothold as a leader in the field of IT infrastructure development and maintenance in India. From very small businesses (VSBs) to Fortune 500 companies, the company has successfully served hundreds of customers across industry verticals with cutting-edge IT solutions from Lenovo, while carving a name for itself for exceptional service spares availability.

Today, Systech is more than just a partner for Lenovo. As a brand advocate, Systech plays an active role in spreading awareness about the end-to-end IT solutions offered by Lenovo for businesses of every size. And like all enduring partnerships, Systech and Lenovo are confident of a mutually rewarding future dotted with many more milestones in the years to come.