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Five apps to help you improve your time-management skills

Many of those we regard as being capable and efficient weren't born that way. They develop and hone their abilities through hard work, dedication and effective management of their time and resources – and through this, they become better at what they do.

We all strive to be good at our work, but an important distinction which many still need to learn is that perfection in a is often impossible. Sure, you can bust a gut and prop up your end of the project or deal, but you can’t always carry the entire thing.

Ditch the multitasking

Similarly, if you are a monster multitasker, you might want to consider ditching it in favour of a more focused approach.

What’s more, working yourself into the ground makes no sense when it comes to . Tiredness can have a negative impact on your work, and simply ‘having too much to do’ can greatly increase your chances of failure.

You should remember that a well-rested you is likely to be the best you. Sleep is hugely important, as is taking regular breaks, a factor which has been proven to keep our minds sharper during a testing work day.

Another thing that can improve the mind’s ability to function is grouping related tasks. Your mind stays on a similar path, working on things that have core similarities, rather than breaking after one task and moving on to something completely different.

Routine is something that is often decried as dull, but in the workplace it can be your best friend. Developing a core routine for doing the things you have to do, day in, day out, can save you time and prevent you from forgetting things.

Coffee when you get into the office? Use this opportunity to clear your inbox. Just back from lunch? Time to chase up those call-backs.

Don’t waste time

Time is precious and you should keep track of yours. We’ve all come home from a busy day and struggled to remember much of the work we’ve undertaken. Alleviate that sort of leak with an app to keep tabs on what you do and when.


As mentioned, keeping tabs on your time is critical. This app takes the effort out of that task by tracking how much time you spend on daily activities. Given the importance of good time management, this could be an essential in your smartphone.


Maintaining an extensive to-do list is helpful, but it can be daunting at times. This app is available across 10+ platforms and helps you manage tasks and projects so you can concentrate on more pressing matters.

Google Keep

This one’s a given. It’s Google’s note-taking app, which can be added to your desktop, mobile home screen or any other device you use. You'll be able to save your thoughts in the form of notes, lists, photos... and even audio. Use it to make sure you keep on top of everything that’s important to you.


Building positive habits can be the difference between a good you and a great you. This app helps you accomplish the tasks in hand by helping you prioritise your goals, check off habits and track your weekly progress so you don’t waste time with a wandering mind.


We’re all guilty of playing with our phones a little too much at times. This app helps you to nix that bad habit by rewarding you for leaving the distracting things alone. Plant a tree and grow it by not looking at your screen and staying focused.

If you're interested in using apps to improve other professional skills such as communication, project management or customer relationships, we have some suggestions on