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How Can You Ensure Every Single Moment Of A Device’s Life Is Secure?

You can’t. But Lenovo ThinkShield goes further to secure the moments that are out of your control—starting with secure manufacturing and trusted suppliers.

ThinkShield protects the entire lifecycle, including protections for lost and stolen devices, and the ability to securely wipe decommissioned devices directly from the BIOS.

Intel® transparent supply chain

In addition to our own rigorous manufacturing oversight and work with trusted suppliers, Lenovo ThinkShield is proud to be the first to partner with Intel to provide Intel® Transparent Supply Chain.4 This new service option provides visibility into the authenticity of your PCs, from factory to delivery, and traceability to give you confidence that components have not been tampered with.

ThinkShield is Lenovo’s portfolio of secure Think devices, software, and services—fully customizable to keep your business ahead of dangerous breaches. Get the most comprehensive protection with a modern Windows 10 Pro device powered by the Intel® vPro platform.