Explore the future of edge computing - A webinar with Lenovo

Explore the future of Edge computing - A webinar with Lenovo

Artificial intelligence, machine learning, automation, the Internet of Things. It’s all becoming a standard part of business, helping to speed insights; drive new services; boost customer experience; aid seamless processes and improve efficiencies. But even as these innovative technologies are implemented, further innovation is happening. Built to be agile, expansive, smart and organic, there’s no limit on what these technologies can lead to.




But it means more data. Masses of it. And with 75% of all data set to come from IoT devices by 2025, Edge computing must become a priority focus. How can innovation in this area be pushed to work harder for your business?

The Edge is the physical location where ‘things’ and people connect with the network or the digital world. Edge computing is a part of a distributed computing topology, in which information processing is located close to the edge; meaning where things or people consume that information. 


Reasons to look to the Edge

We see our customers look to the Edge for a number of reasons. Such as trying to add service capabilities without having to do a complete overhaul of legacy. To drive up scalability. Or to support the convergence of IT and OT.

It can be utilized to enable developer communities with cloud native tools.

While Edge-native architectures can be implemented to optimize performance.


What it does mean for tomorrow’s business is the demand it will put on devices at the Edge

They need to be equipped with faster processing power, more security and enhanced scalability. Because with the right data on hand and secure, ready and accessible wherever and whenever it’s needed, you can be more efficient, insightful and competitive.


Why there’s more to Edge devices than on the surface… 

There are a number of challenges to consider when deploying IoT devices or Edge computing. With product placement in hard to reach or infrequently serviced areas; rugged deployment requirements; device management complexities; longer product lifecycles; increased requirements for security and encryption, and more.


ThinkEdge: pushing the Lenovo vision

“Smarter technology for all”. That’s our ethos at Lenovo. We aim to enhance decision making right across every vertical’s value chain through smarter technology.

It was with this thinking that ThinkEdge was born; the powerful but compact devices built for the data needs of today and tomorrow. Powered by Intel vPro®, they deliver greater power in a smaller footprint. And they’re bringing a multitude of benefits to customers, from workload consolidation to enhancing the value of AI and ML.


Driving intelligent transformation across verticals

Lenovo is supporting businesses everywhere by enabling them at the Edge. In manufacturing clients are using Lenovo big data to better forecast market demand. A retail customer is piloting a cashless store where payment is enabled with facial recognition. In healthcare augmented reality is transforming cancer research. 

And we’re working to transform cities too. One example is Bogota; deploying a Lenovo Edge solution to enable efficiency and scale at its central control room, which manages over 1,000 cameras.


Discover what’s beyond the Edge. Listen to our free webinar. 

Learn more about our capabilities and specialists, and our ThinkEdge device credentials. Hear from our partners, and discover what you can unlock with the right technology at your fingertips.

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