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Ready for the new
digital natives?

The balance is tipping in workplaces around the globe. Millennials and Generation Z together now make up 59% of the average workforce, outnumbering previous generations and transforming office dynamics.

This new wave of talent has grown up in a digital world. They are innately tech savvy and natural multi-taskers, always on the look-out for new technology that can help them do more, faster, better. Research shows that 70% keep their smartphone within eye contact at all times1.

They switch between tasks a staggering 300 time every day.

ThinkBook Plus



2.1 hours


That's the amount of time that the average knowledge worker loses per day re-focusing as they switch between tasks2. Multiply that across workdays and your workforce headcount and the emerging productivity challenge becomes clear.

87% of SMB buyers believe improving employee productivity is a high or critical priority for their business in the next 12 months*

2. Lenovo SMB Study commissioned with Forrester Research - July 2019


A new laptop

It's time for a new breed of device: a laptop designed to combat the negative impacts of multitasking by better supporting all the different type of tasks that work involves. This technology should help people to better collaborate in-person or virtual meetings where ideas may be conceptualized, decisions made and progress reviewed.

It should help them create and process information and better review work documents: reading, editing and annotating work.



3. Bergman, P. (2010, May 20). How (and why) to stop multitasking. Harvard Business Review.

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Your perfect
productivity partner

Say hello to the new Thinkbook Plus.

It gives you all the smart features and design elegance you expect from the ThinkBook range, in an ultra-portable 13" form factor.

But it also delivers an unexpectedly bold sweep of innovations such an exciting e-Ink writable cover display, designed with the new wave of worker in mind.

It all makes the ThinkBook Plus a uniquely powerful new tool in today's productivity-hungry workplace.





Multitasking meets focus.
Why not have it all?




Multitask effectively

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