Large Enterprise digital transformation

The Next Best Thing to Being There: Virtual Bedside Rounding by Videoconference

How virtual rounding makes bedside rounds with inpatients by video conference, minimizes risk of healthcare-associated infections (HAIs), conserves PPE
May 26

Keep Your Hands-On Devices Safe for Hands - and Patients and Coworkers

Healthcare workers handle germ-ridden laptops, tablets, and smartphones all day but most never clean them. Learn how to safely disinfect your handheld devices.
Apr 28

Protection for fast-moving organizations, against fast-moving threats

Every change opens a door. But you want doors of opportunity, not openings that let in threats.
Mar 25

Internet of Threats or Internet of Things?

The IoT is revolutionizing entire industries, but also expanding risk. So how can your business reap the benefits without opening itself up to new vulnerabilities?
Mar 24

How Does One Innocent Employee Mistake Bring Down a Whole Company?

Human error is inevitable, but with ThinkShield, the consequences aren't.
Jan 7

How Can Investing in Security Drive Business Growth

See how ThinkShield can help drive revenue for businesses.
Jan 7