Smarter collaboration for education
Lenovo’s range of ThinkSmart collaboration solutions helps to create connected, blended learning environments.

Engaging flexible, hybrid classrooms

Modern education increasingly depends on smart communication and collaboration technology to bridge the gap between physical classrooms and online learning experiences. These blended environments enable more flexibility and inclusivity for students who are not able to attend in person, and for those who prefer to attend remotely.

Improving collaboration drives students’ success

Learning how to collaborate effectively is a valuable skill in its own right, but more than that – it also encourages more participation in class, improving cohesion, boosting individuals’ confidence and generating unexpected ideas. Our infographic explores three ways you can build a culture of collaboration in your classroom.


Higher education, hybrid classrooms

Lenovo’s Hybrid Classroom solution for higher education allows educators to easily connect with students, multiple classrooms, other faculty and staff both on-site and virtual. The solution contributes to creating a hyflex learning environment and borderless campus. Featured is our Lenovo Smart Collaboration solution, the Lenovo ThinkSmart Core Kit.

Integrated solution kits transform

Lenovo EDU provides ready-made solution kits that can easily transform any physical space into a connected, hybrid classroom. These kits are supported by trustworthy hardware, software and services which enable seamless collaboration and convenient, end-to-end solution management.

Lenovo Hybrid Classroom with Google Meet

The Google Meet and Google Workspace platform combines enterprise-grade communication software with easy-to-use collaboration apps. 

Our Google Meet Series One room kits can be configured for small, medium and large spaces, combining a fast and powerful Lenovo compute system with up to six other components. Connect your classroom with a 4K video camera, smart audio bar, up to two noise-cancelling mic pods and a remote control to focus your students’ attention.

Lenovo Hybrid Classroom with Microsoft Teams Rooms

Take control of your hybrid classroom even more effectively with solution kits purpose-built for use with Microsoft Teams Rooms collaboration tools.

Give teachers a powerful platform to speak from with the Lenovo ThinkSmart Hub, an all-in-one device with AI-enabled smart cam, four built-in speakers and dual array mics. Or you can transform an entire room with modular components including smart audio and visual devices and a Lenovo Tiny for high-speed edge-computing.


Simple control with ThinkSmart Manager

Lenovo ThinkSmart collaboration solutions support end-to-end management from our versatile ThinkSmart Manager platform. This helps IT admins to monitor, manage and control all the devices that form your hybrid classroom, using a single console, to help make sure that no student gets left behind because of technical problems.

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