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Solving educational challenges with software

Across the world, educational organizations are adapting to the need for more flexibility and seeking remote or hybrid alternatives to the traditional classroom.

Lenovo EDU helps these digital classrooms to thrive. Our portfolio of educational software provides robust security, analytics, classroom management, instructional resources, and multimedia tools, with solutions tailored to meet the needs of students, teachers, and IT administrators.

Explore our Education Software packages

We’ve pulled together best-in-class software solutions, providing a simple package that’s easy to deploy. Each of these solution packages can integrate seamlessly with your Lenovo devices.

Security, Safety and Device Management

Protect your data and safeguard students’ wellbeing, even when they connect from a remote endpoint. This software package includes content filters and AI-accelerated cybersecurity. Device management software helps IT administrators to monitor and control all the devices in your fleet. And there’s cloud-based collaboration tools so students can easily work together.

Absolute Software

Device management helps track your devices, monitor device health, issue critical updates and manage user permissions


Powerful, AI-enabled cybersecurity quickly identifies, contains and resolves suspicious applications or activity

Lenovo NetFilter

Helps protect students from digital dangers with cloud-based, AI-driven web filtering and keystroke alerts

Google Workspace

Simple, flexible, and secure collaboration tools are designed to help your students work together more effectively

instructional resources

Instructional Resources

Support key educational outcomes using exciting multimedia and digital creation tools, combined with classroom management software. Teachers can engage their students with interactive lessons, web-based VR content and high-quality, standards-based STEM activities. Our software portfolio helps students and teachers alike acquire future-ready skills.

Creativity Apps for Chromebooks

Create books, podcasts, music, artwork, diagrams, notes, videos, screencasts, and more


Create and manage classes, assign content and track learning outcomes in a VR environment with over 550 STEM modules

Inspire creativity with Chromebooks

Teach valuable new skills and give your students access to a range of empowering Google Creativity apps, with our versatile and affordable Lenovo Chromebooks, driven by powerful Intel® processors. These user-friendly devices are secure and easy-to-manage using our suite of Lenovo educational software and the Google Admin Console.


Explore Google Creativity apps

Empower your students with applications that can help to create books, podcasts, music, artwork, diagrams, notes, videos, screencasts, and more.


Infinite Painter

Sketch and blend paintings, illustrations, or comic book pages



Capture handwritten notes, mark-up worksheets, classnotes, or brainstorming documents.


Book Creator

Write and publish stories, portfolios, books or science reports



View and edit school announcements, interviews or green screen videos


Explain Everything

Create and present tutorials, movies or presentations

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